Summer Break: Chapter 3

Assuming that Summer Break: Chapter 1 was our trip around the Northeast in June, and Summer Break: Chapter 2 was teaching summer camp for five weeks, then that makes this the beginning of Summer Break: Chapter 3.

Sunset after yoga

Sunset after yoga on Wednesday. 

Summer Break: Chapter 2 ended smoothly. I lead my Sewing Camp with a group of eight sweet children and it was wonderfully easy. My kiddos were peaceful and kind, they listened really well, they enjoyed the sewing projects we did together, and they sang my silly song (I’ve been sewing in the classroom … to the tune of I’ve been working on the railroad). Sewing with kids was a new experience for me and they did so well! They learned really quickly, they were eager to try new things, and they were so safe with all of the pins and needles we used. The kiddos all did impressive embroidery on burlap and made little dream pillows! Overall it was a wonderful week.

Ergo, the beginning of Summer Break: Chapter 3. So far so good! Monday I’m heading to Carrboro for Camp Pamdrianne (Pam + Adrianne = Pamdrianne). Should be exceptionally superb. But first, a wonderful weekend with my sweetheart!