Summer Break: Chapter 3

Assuming that Summer Break: Chapter 1 was our trip around the Northeast in June, and Summer Break: Chapter 2 was teaching summer camp for five weeks, then that makes this the beginning of Summer Break: Chapter 3.

Sunset after yoga

Sunset after yoga on Wednesday. 

Summer Break: Chapter 2 ended smoothly. I lead my Sewing Camp with a group of eight sweet children and it was wonderfully easy. My kiddos were peaceful and kind, they listened really well, they enjoyed the sewing projects we did together, and they sang my silly song (I’ve been sewing in the classroom … to the tune of I’ve been working on the railroad). Sewing with kids was a new experience for me and they did so well! They learned really quickly, they were eager to try new things, and they were so safe with all of the pins and needles we used. The kiddos all did impressive embroidery on burlap and made little dream pillows! Overall it was a wonderful week.

Ergo, the beginning of Summer Break: Chapter 3. So far so good! Monday I’m heading to Carrboro for Camp Pamdrianne (Pam + Adrianne = Pamdrianne). Should be exceptionally superb. But first, a wonderful weekend with my sweetheart!


this and that

Dogwood flowers.

Pink Dogwood

Picnic lunch at the Biltmore.

Picnic and Biltmore

Rainy drive on the Parkway up to Craggy.

Rainy Parkway


Purple succulent reaching toward the sun.

Purple Succulent

Hemming pants with my Singer sewing machine.

Hemming with my Singer

Firework flower from one of the munchkins.

Firework flower

Life lately has been a bit crazy. A lot going on! But life is marvelous! So much to be thankful for: my family, my Scott, an awesome job, so much love from so many munchkins, curiosity, spring, flowers, warmth, this Sunday is my birthday, Scott graduates in two weeks, and a vacation in a month to the Northeast! Let’s be honest – I’m not doing very well with posting regularly. I’ll probably post soon about my birthday shenanigans!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012: Picked up an old project that I started early Fall. A pillow made from scraps of leftover fabric on leftover soft fleece! I got my inspiration from this tutorial and tweaked a few things. I’m hand-embroidering the edges of each leaf with embroidery thread, which is tedious, but it’s meditative and I really like the look of it. I’m excited to finish it and use it!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012: I got this little gem for Christmas from Scott’s parents. It’s the cutest little owl candle holder!!! Thanks Janet and Karl!

Friday Things

Friday, February 3, 2012: Today was half productive. It was a very lazy morning – except for doing laundry I mostly just sat around and drank coffee. Then this afternoon I got some canning jar gaskets at Town Hardware and General Store in Black Mountain. (The grocery store carries canning supplies, but not for old jars with different closures like this, so it was proving to be somewhat difficult to find the right gaskets – but Town Hardware had them!!!) Such a fun store to wander around in – they have pretty much everything.

Scott had a meeting at Wilson, so we drove together from Asheville and I picked him up after I ran my errands. While I was waiting I noticed some daffodils coming up already, which is about a month early.

Aaaand this is what we had for dinner tonight. They are Chicken Bundles – chicken breast, onion, garlic, peppers, and broccoli in a cream cheese sauce baked to perfection in crescent rolls. Yep.

Oh, and among my other domestic activities today, I also hemmed my jeans.

Needless to say, the latter half of my day was by far the most productive part. And obviously I also had the camera out for a fair bit of it and couldn’t seem to choose just one photo. I have been using Scott’s Nikon D40 DSLR for my photos and it’s been way more exciting on the taking-photos-for-my-blog side of things. Yay!

Fall Arts & Crafts!

Monday, September 26, 2011: Merely the first of (hopefully) many installments. I found a scrap fabric pillow project tutorial here and I thought to myself, “Hey Adrianne, here’s the perfect project for some of the leftover fleece and fabric from sewing class in high school!” So I got my scissors, my trusty Singer sewing machine (that I love more every time I use it), some fabric, and got to snipping! I free-handed the leaves on the back of the fabric before cutting so that I’d end up with a more symmetrical shape and eye-balled the shape for the trunk of the tree from the tutorial (and was pleasantly surprised when it actually came out okay). I didn’t follow her tutorial much other than the design … and I feel okay about that. Important step – iron the fabric before you sew! It makings everything better. Then I pinned the leaves and trunk in place on the fleece (hello soft pillow-in-the-making) …

and ran around the edges with my sewing machine!

Now (because my sewing machine only does straight stitches) I’m hand whip-stitching around the edges of the leaves and trunk so that the fabric doesn’t fray too badly. More on the outcome of the pillow another day! (Aka. when I’m finished!)

Hemming Jeans

Saturday, August 27, 2011: Having a sewing machine and the know-how to hem my own pants is one of the best things ever. It makes it so much easier to shop because even if my pants are a bit too long, I can take care of it! These aren’t my new jeans, though I know I promised to update you on the search/purchase of new jeans. I’ll get to that in a minute. These jeans are a pair that I’ve had for about a year and it’s taken me a long time to hem them. Partially because I didn’t have my sewing machine while I was living in New England and partially because sometimes it just takes a little time. I also had to be reintroduced to my wonderful sewing machine, and now that we’re besties I can continue to work on some of the alterations that have been piling up. So this morning I measured and cut and ironed and pinned and hemmed my jeans! And in less than an hour they’re the right length! Voila!

Also, the search for new jeans has come to a close. I ended up ordering some online in a couple of sizes and returning the size that didn’t fit me to the store, which worked better than I had anticipated. They desperately need to be washed or soaked or something because they are dyed with indigo dye which bleeds all over everything – shirts, shoes, skin, etc. – until they’ve been washed. Once they’re washed I’ll post pictures! And washing them will be immensely easier because we’re getting a washer and dryer today!!! Yay!


Sunday, July 17, 2011: I spent a good chunk of this evening working on my t-shirt quilt. I’m breaking all of the “traditional quilting rules” and not using interfacing, batting, or even any sort of stiff fabric – it’s all knit and fleece, soft and snuggly! And it’s been a bit of a challenge to pin … but not as bad as I thought!

My Singer

Saturday, July 16, 2011: A few years ago my grandmother sent her 1950s Singer Sewing Machine across the country from Oregon to me in North Carolina. I tried to use it and couldn’t get to work for me. It has been waiting for me patiently for the past couple of years. After taking it to Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill it was brought to my attention (by the wonderful lady there) that it was operator error keeping me from discovering the magic that is a Singer Sewing Machine. Once I had been duly educated, I brought the machine home and today I got a glimpse of its wondrous powers. This is the t-shirt quilt that I started making several years ago and I’m well on my way to FINALLY finishing it. Oh happy day!