A Slight Delay

We had our first weather-related school delay today! Only a little bit, but it still felt exciting! We had a tiny smidgen of snow covering our cars this morning, but nothing on the ground. At school, however, we definitely had some snow on the ground! Granted, this is probably the most snow that I have seen since living in Massachusetts two winters ago. (Click here for some comparison.) Especially since last winter hardly felt like winter at all with the weather we had. I must say though, this photo looks pretty pitiful when compared to many many feet of snow solidly covering the ground everywhere within sight. I digressed. My point is, it was an exciting day! And the kids love it! I include myself when I refer to the kids.

And tomorrow is Halloween! Luckily I have plenty of room for my down jacket under my costume! Pictures to come!!!


My mom is currently on her way to Asheville with her friend Jane and we are so excited to see them!!! Dinner is on the stove and our bellies are rumbling and I have just been thinking about this week. There have certainly been ups and downs, the good and the bad like high tide and low tide. (Side note: we’re missing the ocean a lot lately.) I’m just finding myself so pleased because it ended on a high note! And I am so happy that it is the weekend! After care was a breeze today, which is awesome for a Friday, and the kids were all playing together so peacefully. It just makes me so happy to see them understand the things we have been teaching them about sharing the toys and being kind to each other. They are little sponges!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and share a few photos from this week. I have a threads post to share soon too!



Field Trip!!!

We took the kids to an apple orchard for a field trip today!!! It was so much fun! The kids have been so excited for the last couple of weeks! We have been reading books about apples, doing apple-related art projects, and making up little chants about apples. Today was absolutely gorgeous! It was a little brisk when we first got there, but it warmed up quickly. We went on a hay-less hay ride (it was a wagon behind a tractor, probably because so many people are allergic to hay), then we walked around the orchard and picked apples!

It was a great day! And now I want to go back to the apple orchard and spend more time wandering around the orchard. It was a great day!!! Yay field trips!


Busy Week!

It’s Thursday evening. And Scott has this song blasting. (Weakness.)

In other news, this week has been so busy! I think I’ve had something every night after work this week. Not that they are bad things – they are all things I wanted to do! Nonetheless, I am exhausted. Tuesday evening one of my friends and I went for a walk/run at the Biltmore! It was an absolutely gorgeous evening – the fall-like weather has been delightful. And last night after work my class had a family picnic! The kids have been excited about it since last week … and so have the teachers! The kids practiced and performed songs for their families and ran and played and there was so much happiness! It is so fun to see the kids outside of school and get to play with them on the playground! Of course it was nice to talk with their parents too and get to know our glorious community a little bit better. I love my job!!!

And on top of all that Scott had a cold! He’s feeling much better now though. Thank goodness! Tonight our agenda involved cleaning up the apartment. Call it belated spring cleaning (or early, depending on your view) but it really had everything to do with the facts that a.) we traveled a ton this summer and our things exploded everywhere and never made it back, and b.) we have so many people coming to visit in the next few months! It felt so great to get things back where they belong, find homes for things that didn’t have a place, and clean off some of what settled while we were running around crazy. Yay for a clean house!!! And now, without further ado, some pictures.

Our recycling trucks! I got a kick out of what it says on the side:

My friend and I went to the Wine Bar downtown on Wednesday evening and The Swayback Sisters were playing! They were terrific!!!

And this is just to show that sometimes one must get creative when trying to eat an uncooperative sandwich.

I hope you have a fabulous Friday! I know I will! My Dad and Dean are coming to visit this weekend!!!

Friday Evening Reflections

This week was a short week. We started on Tuesday with the kids! And it still felt like a normal week despite it being shorter. Quite a few of our kids were sick this week and we’re hoping they’ll be better next week! My immune system has been fighting hard and I’ve been downing Emergen-C at least twice a day. Fingers crossed! It was a good week and I have no excuses for being so lazy on the blog. I’ll try to get back into the habit of posting almost daily! In the meantime, here’s a bit of a recap.

We did a lot of fun coloring pages with the kids in after care this week, along with music, games, and plenty of outside time. And my coworkers coordinated their outfits impeccably one day this week. It was incredible how well they matched! They’re such wonderful women! (Remember how fun it was to color!? Yeah, teachers still love to color.)

I’ve been trying to get back into the routine of going to yoga more often. It does my body so much good! I really enjoy having a class on Wednesday evening because it’s a lovely halfway point in the week. Before yoga this past Wednesday I explored the North Asheville Library and found a comfy place to sit for a little while. It’s a nice branch of the library. I love the natural lighting and the bright airy feel in the space.

This week was tickety-boo! And I am still loving my job as a teacher! Although I am certainly glad it’s Friday night. I am so looking forward to sleeping tonight knowing I do not have to get up super early tomorrow morning!

Oh how I love what Saturday means to me again! Scott and I have special plans for tomorrow. We are taking advantage of our Biltmore passes and going on a Butler Tour at the Biltmore House in the afternoon!!! We have wanted to go on some of the special extended tours since we got our first passes several years ago and we’re finally going on one tomorrow. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

For now, I’ll leave you with this silly picture of me. This stripey maxi skirt is my favorite! It’s super comfy and I love the stripes!

Regarding Mulch

This post is all about mulch. Yes, you heard me correctly: MULCH.

(Having just typed the word “mulch” several times it now looks like it is spelled wrong and is probably not even a real word, but I’m going to continue anyway.)

We have mulch all over the playground at school. The pieces vary from about the size of my thumb to a fine dust and the kids are always pulling mulch off of their clothing and dumping it out of their shoes (which we encourage them to do outside so we don’t end up with mulch all over the floor in the classroom). But the mulch is not just the ground we walk on around the playground. No, it is so much more. It is tea, coffee (sometimes spicy coffee, depending on the kid who serves it to you), pie, salmon and rice, and smoothies. It is deliveries in toy trucks, important mail, and food for the kitties (kids pretend to be our kitties and we name them and they run around and meow).

Mulch is everything. And these kids have the most amazing imaginations! It is a humble reminder that our minds have so much creativity!

And now I find myself emptying mulch out of my shoes.


Also, I want to mention two birthdays that fall on this marvelous day.

Today is my friend Emily Silva’s birthday! Happy Birthday lady! Hope you are having the most marvelous day.

Today is also Maria Montessori’s 142nd birthday!!! She developed the Montessori Method that we use at my school! This is an interesting video about Montessori just in case you’re curious!

Hope you have a terrific weekend!!!

First Full Week of Montessori!

Today is FRIDAY! And it feels so good to have made it all the way to this day! This was the first full week of teaching at Montessori and it was terrific! It was fun, exciting, exhausting, messy, loving, bright, eye-opening, routine-oriented, and all-around great. It was full of hugs and snuggles, dancing and singing, jumping and following, learning and loving. My lead teacher and the other assistant are finally getting into a rhythm, and we’re changing things around already, but the order of things is getting easier every day. We are learning as we go, getting to know the children, and figuring out our own routine. There have already been some challenges, but I am pleased to say that we have taken them in stride and things are going quite smoothly! I love teaching, I love Montessori, the kids are great (even the handfuls), and my coworkers are wonderful!

Unfortunately I do not have any photos that really pertain to my first week of teaching. But I did catch this photo of the sky after my yoga class on Wednesday evening! It was really perfect.

Golden Chocolate Chip Muffins

Wednesday, February 1, 2012: Hello February! This morning I trotted along up to Montessori school again and read with about six friends. That’s what we call the kids – friends. It was great! Watching them read and sound out words and be proud of themselves for figuring it out is like magic! Oh, and did I mention that spending time with kids is my favorite!? Well, it is. Then this afternoon was incredibly lazy and wonderful and I made Golden Chocolate Chip Muffins (click here for that easy peasy recipe delicioso). They are quite the finger-lickin’ treat! P.S. I know you can’t really tell these have chocolate chips in them, but I promise there are a multitude of them just melted enough to ooze chocolatey goodness when you bite into the muffin.