Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I forget and I need a little reminder.

Life is good.

Those little things from yesterday that had your feathers all ruffled and your virtual panties in a wad?

Great news! That was yesterday.

This is today and today is going to be better. I’m going to move through today like I’m dancing. With intention. Slowly so I see each little thing and have time to stop and smell the proverbial flowers. And I’m going to wear spandex because that feels good.

Latte at the Book Exchange


Get Ready, Kuwait!

Here she comes!

Have you met my mom? Well, just in case you haven’t, or you didn’t already know – she is AMAZING! She went to Boston this weekend (just in time for the storm) for a job fair and is coming home with a job teaching elementary drama at the American School of Kuwait! She has been planning and interviewing and researching and writing resumes and filling out applications and orchestrating the adventure of a lifetime! This weekend was the moment of truth and everything is falling into place! She had back-to-back interviews for many hours straight, truly exhausted herself in telling everyone how awesome she is, got three job offers (in Turkey, Kuwait, and UAE), and is coming home with a position teaching elementary drama at the American School of Kuwait!

Shut the front door – I’m choking back tears!

Dear Mom,

You are truly an inspiration to me. I have watched you suffer for the past several years, wishing things were better, and my heart has ached for you. Through the unfairness of it all you picked yourself up, put yourself out there, and got the best response you could have possibly gotten! I know how challenging this has all been for you and I know how on top of the world you must feel right now! You received some incredible feedback, boosting your self esteem right back up to where it should be, and then even higher! I am elated for you and I can hardly wait to see how this adventure of a lifetime unfolds for you! 

I truly believe that I speak not only for myself when I say that you deserve every bit of this gift! You are an incredible woman and I look up to you and aspire to be my best because of you! 

I love you so much, I am so proud, and I can hardly wait to see what the next few years hold for you!

Love always, Adrianne

My amazing mom!

What a woman!

Flood gate of tears now open. I’m going to go get a tissue.

P.S. I believe the next several months will include some whirlwind go-help-Mom-get-her-things-ready-to-move-to-Kuwait weekends!!! I can hardly wait!

P.P.S. Christmas 2013 in Kuwait!? I think so.

Been so long!

This week has FLOWN by! It has been so busy. LIFE has been so busy! I wish it would just slow down sometimes! Geesh. So let’s back track a bit.

Last Friday after work I went with two of my coworkers to a funeral for the Wine Studio in Asheville. Fun theme for a going out of business party! It was a great evening, tasty wine, delicious munchies, a cute pooch, and good company. And this skull amidst the roses!

Sunday was a glorious day! We started off with some yoga and then made brunch (which was more like lunch). Gump’s Very Superior Pancakes! They are our favorite! It ended up being a very productive day! I ran some errands, made some phone calls, did some laundry, and spent a glorious couple of hours making scrumptious chili for dinner. It was so meditative to follow the recipe and add more things to the pot of simmering goodness! It was our dinner for three nights in a row and we weren’t even beginning to complain! I made cornbread to go with our chili too. It was all so good. We are so ready for soup/stew/chili/chowder weather!

This week has been very busy, and exhausting, but rewarding all at the same time. As much as I may be in a grumpy mood sometimes, it is hard to stay grumpy when I have little munchkins giving me hugs and wanting to snuggle! They’re pretty irresistible, my friends at school! Yes, they have their moments, but they can be really sweet! One of the most wonderful images from this week is one that I have to paint for you. One of the assistant teachers brought her sister in law to school for the day, and she also happens to be a Montessori teacher. In after care she brought her guitar outside to play and sing songs! The children, after a few moments, gathered around her and all crowded into the same little play structure to listen and sing along! It was so sweet to see them all so excited!

Some days were not-as-great. Yesterday I felt like the world was against me for a good chunk of the day. This goes back to where I said that when you’re feeling grumpy it’s really hard to stay grumpy because the kids are so loving. Remember? But sometimes you just feel grumpy again after you leave work and sometimes you’re tired and sometimes you hit all the lights red on that road that you HATE driving on downtown and sometimes you stub your toe on nothing when you’re walking through the kitchen and sometimes you forget to unpack the groceries when there are refrigerated items and sometimes your mailbox looks like this after all those other things happen and it makes you want to scream!!! Yeah. Sometimes. And sometimes you feel much better after you have the chance to talk to your mommy on the phone, who magically makes everything feel better and pulls you out of your grumpy funk. Thanks Mom!

And in marvelously stark contrast, today I came home unreasonably giddy and hyper for no apparent reason (though, now that I think about it, it could be that I drank caffeinated tea at work this afternoon) and bounced around the apartment giggling and being silly! And then I got really excited about the fact that it’s almost time to break out the Bean Boots!!! I hardly got to wear mine last winter because it wasn’t actually winter here in Asheville and mine are insulated (read: too hot to wear every day otherwise I might). So I’m hopeful and excited that it might actually be cold enough to require insulated boots this winter! After spending a winter in Massachusetts (in which it snowed a bazillion feet and was quite chilly) last winter felt pretty lame in comparison. And who doesn’t love his and hers Bean Boots!?

And that will be all for now. Just wanted to update you since I’ve been gone all week!!! Perhaps I’ll be back sooner for my next post! I’ll work on it. Sorry y’all!

One of those days.

Today was one of those days. You know, those days. Where you find yourself irritated from the moment you wake up. For no good reason at all! Yep. One of those days.

I was actually able to refuse my bad attitude and turn it around before I got too far into my day. And the rest of my morning before work was good! I drove to work in some of the densest fog ever. Can you see in this photo how dense the fog is!? Nearly every morning I drive to work in fog like this. It’s actually pretty neat. I like fog.

And then I got to work.

And it was one of those days. All over again. Kids were wearing me out! Again for no good reason!

“Patience, virtue, etcetera, etcetera.” (Favorite quote from the movie “Humboldt County.” It’s my mantra a lot.)

The kids were pushing all of my buttons, my patience was short, the kids were taking forever to do things, my brain was running about a million miles a minute, and my shoes were driving me crazy! And I forced myself to stop and take a few deep breaths when I was feeling short tempered and I felt better. For a little while. Rinse and repeat. Looking back it really wasn’t a bad day! So I guess that’s a good way to have ended it. But I am glad to be home and have ended it on a decent note. I’m taking a deep breath and praying for a better day tomorrow. I really try not to complain on my blog because I feel like it’s not the place to do that, but I just wanted to get this out of my system. I promise not to make it a regular occurrence! Thank you for understanding.

Today was just one of those days.



I feel as though terrariums have recently become more popular. Is it just me? I see them in so many magazines and on blogs, in weddings and casual home decor. I have contemplated full-out making one – and I still might. But for now, here’s what I have done. This serves two purposes for me: 1. I have wanted to experiment with terrariums, and 2. my poor begonia really has not been doing so well lately and I know it could be doing so much better. It’s just barely surviving and I wish it could flourish!

So I was doing a bit of research regarding the “problems” my begonia is having and what one could do about it. The leaves dry out! It starts at the edges and works its way along, eventually drying out the whole leaf. The stems are sort of weak and the leaves are not as vibrant as they were when the plant was new. It’s a rex begonia Escargot, so the leaves really are fabulous. And I do realize that begonias are not necessarily the easiest of house plants. But I am a bit bull-headed (I am a Taurus after all) and determined to do all that I can to keep this plant going!

On to my experiment. I decided to create a terrarium-like environment around the plant to see if the humidity inside would help. Apparently the humidity here in North Carolina just was not enough for the poor plant. (If only you could hear the heavy sarcasm in my head as I write this – all sources point to my plant needing more humidity.) So I started brainstorming and decided that the cheapest way to make a terrarium would be to find and repurpose a large glass canister and turn it upside down over the plant. I thought I might be able to find one at an antique store, but I knew I could get one at Target. And that is exactly what I did! I used a large glass jar found here along with the bottom from a large pot (currently holding one of our tomato plants outside) and some rocks to create my terrarium.

I left the begonia in its pot because I want to see if it likes the terrarium environment. If it does I plan to transplant it permanently into the jar, which I would then turn right side up. I will keep you posted on its progress!

I already had some rocks because I use them for extra drainage in the bottom of my potted plants. But you can get a big bag of them from Home Depot or Lowe’s for a few dollars! I think the bag I got was $2.50!

By putting a layer of rocks in the tray I was able to boost the jar up just enough to let some air in.

I placed the pot slightly off center because that one leaf extends so much over the edge. I did not want to bruise the leaf by having it pressing against the glass. That poor leaf is already having a hard time!

Oh, and I also sprinkled some water on the rocks (if I had a spray bottle to mist them I would have used that instead, but I just dipped my hands in water and sprinkled the rocks).

And here is the final product! My very own begonia terrarium. Here’s to hoping he loves the humidity in there!!! Please flourish little guy! I love you so much!

Yes Bracelet

Thursday, June 28, 2012: Yesterday and the day-before-yesterday were … er … not so hot. Bits and pieces of them were good, but some other parts of it were not great. And I wasn’t in the best of moods. That was probably most of the reason behind the bits and pieces of the day that were not great. Fast forward to TODAY! I decided, after our walk and talk yesterday evening at the Biltmore, that today was going to be a good day! Yes! I made a concerted effort to focus on the positive and the things that make me happy. Upon arrival to work this morning I wanted to have some kind of reminder to be positive with me all day. So I tied this piece of cord around my wrist and dubbed it my Yes Bracelet. And it worked! It was great! Today was a terrific day! Yes!!!

Baking Bread

Monday, January 23, 2012: Decided to embark on an adventure and bake bread today. I tried a new recipe from the side of the bag of King Arthur flour and we’ll see how it turns out once it comes out of the oven! There was a lot of “do this, now wait an hour … do this, now wait another hour and a half.” But other than being time consuming it was a very easy recipe!

UPDATE: The bread turned out very well! It’s a bit darker brown than I thought it would be, but it’s really tasty! 

On the fritz …

My camera is on the fritz. It kind of has been for about a month now. Or maybe two months. The holidays were such a blur I can’t even remember how much time has gone by. At any rate – my camera is on the fritz. The battery hasn’t been lasting nearly as long as it should be/was, which was the first sign that my last camera was about to bite the dust. And tonight it (for the second time) decided to do this new thing where I turn it on and the little “I’m turning on” screen just blinks at me and the light blinks at me and it doesn’t change from that until it shuts itself off. BUT THE LENSE IS STILL OUT AND I CAN’T MANUALLY PUT THAT BACK IN! So that’s cool, camera. You’ve been really great for me the last three-ish years and you did really well with my year of A Photo for Today and you’re finally starting to kind of lose it. Hang in there for a little bit longer! I can’t afford a new camera right now!!!

Chasing Rainbows

Friday, August 26, 2011: Yesterday Scott and I went for a rather impromptu drive South on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was absolutely beautiful up there! We got as far south as Mount Pisgah and it started to rain, so we pulled into the parking area and overlook to watch the storm and wait until it let up a bit to head home. After a bit of heavy rain the sun started peeking out from behind the clouds and a spectacular rainbow arched right in front of us in the hollow (pronounced “holler” here in Appalachia). It was incredible! And after some patience and a bit more rain a second rainbow appeared faintly beside it. Snapped some photos and headed home.