Thank You Tile

At the end of the day, when all the friends have their backpacks and are ready to go home, we have one last circle time where we do Thank You Tile. The teacher goes around the room and each friend gets to say two things that they are thankful for. After a busy and slightly-chaotic-at-times first day of school, this was perfect. The children have such tender hearts and they are so loving. I am thankful for patience and hugs.

I needed this.



Today we had our new three-year-olds and four-year-olds come into the classroom to meet us and see what they are going to see tomorrow. We showed them their cubbies, showed them where to wash their hands, showed them where the rugs live and how to carry a work so carefully to their rug, and how we put our work away when we are finished. All the parents and their kids joined us in circle time where we told them our class rules (In this classroom we use: kind hands, kind feet, kind words, listening ears, and inside walking feet.), did some yoga, and welcomed everyone!


Tomorrow is the first day with the children! And I am so excited. I will try my best to post more soon!