Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween was so much fun today! All the kids came dressed up in their costumes, and all the teachers had costumes too! We had a little show on the playground for the parents and sang some silly little Halloween songs. Then the parents and teachers made a human tunnel for the kids to parade through in their costumes!!! It was awesome! We had two Luke Skywalkers, a ladybug, a unicorn, a ninja, Cinderella, Optimus Prime, a bee, an angel, a clown, a banana, a police man, a firefighter, and so many other neat costumes! And I was an apple!



Super fun Halloween! We haven’t had any trick-or-treaters, which is a bummer. But it was fun nonetheless! And I felt awesome in my costume!


Catch-up & Jack-O-Lanterns.

Let’s go back a short jaunt. It’s been a busy month! October. I knew it was going to be going into it, but I suppose it didn’t really hit me until this past Wednesday evening. And that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks! We have done a lot, and have seen a lot of wonderful folks, and enjoyed the fall colors, and worked/schooled a ton. And we definitely have a bit of sleep debt to show for it. The weather has been up and down and on and off – cooling down and being down right crisp (like fall ought to be) and then warming right back up again to near 80! Today has been crisp and breezy and relaxing. Scott was gone for a week on Cumberland Island with a group from Warren Wilson. It was fall break and folks from the school lead service trips during the week for some students to do service projects in various places around the country. It is a really awesome opportunity! So off he went with a group to Cumberland Island! He is home now and had an absolutely marvelous trip. He said he hasn’t had that much fun in a long time! And I couldn’t be happier for him! But I am really happy he is home again.

This past week plus has included seeing old friends for delicious dinner, getting a hair-cut, seeing my cousin Danica (who I had not seen in at least six years), an in-house-field-trip at school by Eagle Bear and his nephew, No Moccasins, Apache Native Americans (unfortunately I don’t have any photos of that), beautiful fall leaves, funny/creepy Halloween decorations, a rabbit named Cookie at school for sharing (the letter of the week was “r”), and Jack-O-Lantern carving with my sweetheart today!

And we still need to get some Halloween candy! Just in case we have trick-or-treaters!!! Oh, and my costume for the Halloween parade at school is in the making! Don’t worry, of course there will be photos!


Monday, October 31, 2011: We had our neighbors over for a dinner party on Halloween this year! We made our favorite black-bean-and-sweet-potato chili and they brought over some freshly baked bread. We had dinner, drinks, played some games, at some candy, waited for trick-or-treat-ers that never showed up (which means that we have lots of candy still), and had a really wonderful evening! I dressed up as a witch and Scott dressed up as a lumberjack. Good thing we had costume-appropriate clothes in the closet.

UPDATE: You can find the recipe for the chili here. It’s delicious!

Halloween at work

Friday, October 28, 2011: Since I (by some miracle) don’t work this weekend or on Halloween itself I pulled out the plugs for work today. The hat was sold at the store (purchased for $4), the socks were found in my drawer, and the Outdoor department has no shortage of lime green outerwear. Happy Halloween!