life as of late

An update on life lately in photographs.

Triple Falls, DuPont State Forest

Triple Falls, DuPont State Forest

Covered Bridge, DuPont State Forest

View from the Covered Bridge, top of Triple Falls, DuPont State Forest

Us at Triple Falls

Us at Triple Falls

Mast General Store Hendersonville

Mast General Store Hendersonville // slowly but surely checking them off the list!

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes from our garden!

Cat Without his Hat?

Cat without his hat? Lexington Avenue.



The Dripolator

The Dripolator

Because Pink Nails

Because pink nails // Pink nails because summer.

Watching Titanic

Watching Titanic.

Ultimate Ice Cream!

Ultimate Ice Cream!


regarding summer

Craggy Pinnacle

Craggy Pinnacle

Farmer's Market Basket

Farmer’s Market Basket

Woopie Pies

Woopie Pies

Brews at the Bywater

Brews at the Bywater

Hiking up Mount Pisgah

Hiking up Mount Pisgah



View from the top of Mount Pisgah

View from the top of Mount Pisgah

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel

40 Eastbound in the morning.

40 Eastbound in the morning.

Walking down memory lane with my mom: my first Passport photo. 3 days old.

Walking down memory lane with my mom: my first Passport photo. 3 days old.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

A Visit to Hi-Wire Brewing!

A Visit to Hi-Wire Brewing!

Summer is here.

I would say that we are settling into a nice summer routine. We have gone hiking in the beautiful mountains that surround us, sipped beer at the countless places in Asheville where one can drink beer, watched our tomatoes grow, stayed dry during the monsoons this past week and steered clear of the flooded roads. My tomato plants have enough water now thankyouverymuch. There have already been two trips to Carrboro and there are more visits still to come before Mom moves to Kuwait. Memory Lane is becoming a well traveled highway in our family as of late. I think it’s my favorite highway. Parker is in China and seems to be having the time of his life. I am grateful. Summer camp schedule at school is most excellent. It allows for an actual summer vacation unlike any I have had in a long time. Mornings allow for leisurely drinking cup-after-cup of joe. I like joe. The farmer’s markets are abundant and rich in smiles and freshness. The flutter of love in my heart is so real. Love that feels settled and rhythmic. We dance in the kitchen. Sometimes there is no music.

My backyard is glowing with the flashing lights of fireflies.

Summer is here.

Summer Road Trip 2013

Wow! Sorry for the somewhat unexpected long blog hiatus. The last two months have flown by and I am adjusting to “being on the other side” of all the craziness. I have been talking about “the other side of the craziness” for a while now and I knew things would slow down on “this side.” That being said, it is taking a bit to realize that I am on “the other side” now. Anyway, enough of what side I am on. More about life lately.

Scott and I got back about a week ago from a two-week road trip vacation in the Northeast! The last week of school (the week before we left) was a blur including, but not limited to, the following: Memorial Day weekend in Chapel Hill with grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin, laundry, packing, haircut, bridal shower for some coworkers, a wee bit of sleeping, and some more packing. On Saturday morning we got up really early and hit the road at 6:00 for New York! We arrived 14.5 hours later at our friends’ house in Niskayuna. That day was the hottest day I think we have seen this year – we saw a sign that reported 94 degrees – and Scott’s car does not have air conditioning. Luckily the next day was much cooler! We spent two and a half days touring around the Capitol District and doing some much needed hanging out. It was a wonderful way to start our vacation!

Gia and I, after over a year of not seeing each other, matched upon our reunion without having planned it. This happens to us regularly.

Gia and I, after over a year of not seeing each other, matched upon our reunion without having planned it. This happens to us regularly.

Beat friends!

Hudson River antics.

On Tuesday, late morning, we drove to Scott’s parents house for a night and headed up to Maine the next morning. We spent a couple of days doing Maine things – eating seafood, walking on the beach, having campfires, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, going to Freeport and LLBean, eating more seafood, and enjoying the quiet time together. Maine is one of those places that just feels special and we love it.

Cape Porpoise.

Cape Porpoise.

Cape Porpoise Sunset

Because moose.

LLBean Boot

Casco Bay, Portland, ME

We spent the last few days of our trip in Massachusetts at Scott’s folks house. His mom and I went to Ikea on Saturday (a first for both of us) and spent most of the day there. The other days were mostly lazy days spent around the house. Scott and his dad did a bunch of work on his car, which was necessary for the fact that we were counting on it for our trip home. Monday evening we got to see Scott’s older brother for dinner and delicious ice cream. On Tuesday we went for a short trip to Rhode Island to visit Scott’s cousin, her husband, and their sweet new baby! We got to see his aunt and uncle there too. It was wonderful to visit with them and meet the newest member of the family!

They were right ...

They were right …

Scott working on his car.

Thursday morning we loaded up the car and hit the road to Pennsylvania! Seven hours later we arrived at our stop for the night with some friends. Friday morning we drove ten hours back home!

Welcome to NC!

It felt absolutely incredible to arrive home again. We had so much fun on our trip, and we are grateful for safe travels, fun adventures, and such wonderful friends and family! Now we are on “this side of the craziness.” It feels good.

ma birfday.


Cinco de Mayo started out a tad bit disappointing, to be honest. I had a hunch, having followed the weather all week, that it was going to rain on my birthday. I did not, however, realize just how cold it was supposed to be and just how much it would rain and that said rain would continue almost without a break all day! Let me set the stage for you: usually the weather is absolutely gorgeous on my birthday. There are lots of flowers involved and sunshine and warm weather and outside and springy clothing and sandals. This year there was rain and large gusts of wind and jackets and boots and wool socks.

BUT! (And this is a big but … har har har.) It was a truly wonderful birthday!

Rubbish weather

The day started out with some quintessential music. Followed by the crepe-master in his element! Scott has really become quite the pro. We had delicious crepes with nutella, raspberries, mango, and powdered sugar. Perfection!

Crepe fixins!

Crepe-tastic bday bfast by Scott!

Birthday candle!

After a gloriously lazy afternoon we headed downtown for some more celebrating! Had dinner at Mamacitas and a little party at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. Thanks to all my friends who came to help me celebrate and brought fun games to play! It was so much fun to relax and hang out with everyone.

Suspend - the game


Friends Part Deux

And of course, thanks to this handsome guy for making me feel so special and for lighting so many birthday candles! You are my favorite and I am so lucky to be with you! Thanks for everything you do!

My sweetheart

P.S. Thanks for the love from all around the country! I loved getting to chat with everyone who called. Long-distance love!

Dear Tiny Humans

To my munchkins,

I love you. I love the way you run around pell-mell, still learning about your equilibrium, chasing after balls and laughing your heads off. I love that you’re learning how to work things out with each other and share. I love it when you tell me you missed me even though I just saw you yesterday. I love it when you snuggle up next to me just because you need a little loving. I love that I can be there for you when you miss your mommy and that I can make you feel better. I love that you are learning how to tell jokes and that you laugh so hard when you’re with your friends. I love that you don’t want to leave because you’re having so much fun. I love that confused look on your face when I see you outside of school and then you get really excited! I love how you say my name … not quite right, but you’re trying to hard! I love your little monkey self after you wake up from rest and need a few more minutes to really wake up while I carry you around doing other things. I love the games you come up with on the playground and that I get to play with you for hours each day. I love your little loving self so much!

It’s not easy, and we definitely have moments, but it sure is awesome.

Thanks for letting me into your life.


Miss Adrianne

Weekend Review: Dun Dunnunah!

Samantha came to visit this weekend! It was awesome. We hit up some of our favorite Asheville spots and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves along the way. And there were snow flurries in the air pretty much the entirety of the weekend, which made it all feel very picturesque and dreamy.

We headed to Asheville Brewing Co. upon Sam’s arrival Friday evening for some delicious Tropicale pizza (with ham, bacon, and pineapple) and Rocket Girl ale to welcome her for the weekend. It totally hit the Friday-night welcome-to-the-weekend spot. Then we proceeded to return to the apartment and veg for the rest of the evening and then went to bed. It was a pretty lazy Friday evening if I do say so myself, but my-oh-my was it awesome!

Saturday morning welcomed us after late-sleeping. There was coffee and tea, sitting around and chatting while Scott was off at a meeting, bacon and pancakes for brunch, and some more chatting. Then we all bundled up and headed downtown to mosey around in the flurries for a bit. Poked around in some of our favorite shops, visited the French Broad Chocolate Lounge for some mid-afternoon indulgence, and poked around some more. After swinging by the apartment we bundled back up and went to the Biltmore for a wine tasting! It was an afternoon of true decadence. We followed up with some more wine, dinner in, and many rounds of Bananagrams.

Sunday morning (I’m noticing a theme with this weekend) we bundled back up and went to Sunny Point Cafe and stood in the flurries while we waited for a table for brunch. It was cold, but it was oh so worth it! Brunch was scrumptious and it was so nice to be warm inside and watch the flurries outside!


Indulgence Part 1: French Broad Chocolate Lounge.


Waiting for wine tasting!

Vino vino!

Indulgence Part 2: Biltmore Wine Tasting.

Vino and Bananagrams


Our sound effect for the weekend: Dun Dunnunah! Along with some brownie-in-a-mug.

Get to the point.

Indulgence 2

Indulgence Part 3: Sunny Point Cafe.

Tiny details.

A wonderful weekend was had by all. Thanks for coming to visit Samantha! We had such a great time! Miss you already!

Holidays in Retrospect

And now that the holidays are “officially” over, I’m finally getting around to looking back at the holiday break. It was the most time I’ve had off consecutively over the holidays in forever, and I pretty much wallowed in it. That being said, it was also an utter whirlwind. We were involved in a wedding the weekend before Christmas (luckily it was also in Chapel Hill, so we didn’t have any extra traveling to do), we had a Christmas bon fire party, then there was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and Scott flew north on Christmas Day in the evening to be with his family for a week, then I spent the following week dog sitting for the best dog ever for our friends who got married, party hopped on New Years Eve, and headed back to the mountains on New Years Day. Yep, a whirlwind. And now, for some photos.

The lovely bride and handsome groom getting ready for an epic bike ride to the courthouse to get married!!! It was about 40 and windy that day. Brrrrr!

Nick and Kathy on the way to get hitched!

Lovely Kathy and me at the party after aforementioned bike ride. (Scott and I opted out of the bike ride, but went to the courthouse!)

Oh, Kathy! You're glowing in this picture.

Went to a concert at the Haw River Ballroom – Ananta and I were matching!

Matching boots!

Kitty’s favorite spot under the Christmas Tree!

Kitty under the Christmas Tree

A Christmas Eve Party (that’s actually before Christmas Eve now) with a wonderful bon fire! Good company, singing Christmas songs, hearing the Hanukkah story, lighting the Menorah, hearing the Christmas story. Such a great tradition!

Christmas Eve Bon Fire!

We went out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve! The restaurant was packed – not surprising – and it was delicious!

Family dinner out for Chinese on Christmas Eve!

The lovely Christmas Tree on Christmas morning!!!

Mmm Christmas Morning!

Mom and I made flan for Christmas dessert! We were both surprised at how easy it was – and we feel very lucky because from talking to folks it is not always so easy!

Making a Christmas Flan!

My sweetheart and me on Christmas! It was such a blessing to be together for part of Christmas this year.

Scott and me, Christmas 2012

Sweet Cricket! We got to spend a week together while her humans were out of town and it was so fun!!!

Sweet Cricket!

New Year’s Eve with Ananta!

Ananta and me on New Year's Eve!

And another bon fire for New Year’s Eve! Christmas Trees burn so quickly!

New Year's Eve Bon Fire!

So there you have it – a recap of my holidays. It was a great couple of weeks, that’s for sure! Spent time with some wonderful people – family and friends – and enjoyed the time off! So grateful.

My Word: Trust

My word for 2013: trust.

Because I am a planner. And as an ardent planner I like to be in control. However, I have no idea what this year will bring, and I am working really hard on being okay with that. No, not just “okay.” I want to embrace the possibilities and opportunities and welcome this new year with open arms and an eager outlook!

2012 was a wonderful year! Sharing a home with my sweetheart has been wonderful! Doing life together is awesome. Taking hold of my life and putting myself out there by volunteering at my current school was the best way to get a job I can possibly think of. Traveling to so many fun places to see family and attend weddings this summer was so much fun! We really saw some beautiful parts of the country – some we have seen before, some were new to us! Starting my teaching job in a marvelous little Montessori school here in Asheville has been absolutely the best! It is such an awesome feeling to leave work on Friday afternoon loving my job! And I feel so fortunate to have finished up the year spending time with family and friends. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such magnificent people!

2013 has started off safely. I am grateful for safe travels back home for Scott and myself. I drove back and he flew back yesterday. It feels so good to be home! Yesterday we relaxed and unpacked after arriving home, and today we had a lazy morning followed by a good hike and a bit more laziness with some laundry thrown in.

So far so great!

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” ~ Benjamin Franklin, and some other folks too.

I want this to serve as my reminder this year to trust. To embrace the potential of this new year. To love with all of my heart, to dream with all of my imagination, to leap with faith into the next chapters of life!

“Everything will be all right in the end. So if it is not all right, it is not the end.” ~ Sonny, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

New Years Day Burning a Christmas Tree!

Pop in!


Wow, what an absolutely jam-packed holiday season this has been! And it has all gone by so quickly. Back home tomorrow!

I would like to write a good review of the holidays when I’m back home and not about-to-run-out-the-door-for-NYE-festivities, so I’ll save that for later. But I wanted to say that it has been absolutely terrific! And this year has been glorious. What a year, 2012! Here’s to a marvelous 2013!

More on that later.