Weekend Review: David and Emma do Asheville

Scott’s brother David and his girlfriend Emma came to visit this weekend! They are currently on their way back to school for the fall and we are so glad they came to visit!

They were here very briefly, but it was wonderful to finally meet Emma and spend some more time checking out Asheville together.

Friday evening we took them downtown to Tupelo Honey Cafe. I forget how noisy it can be downtown on a Friday evening (thank you drum circle). But it was nice!

Tupelo Honey Candle

David and Emma at Tupelo Honey

We spent the evening just relaxing and playing games.

The next morning we went to another downtown favorite – Early Girl Eatery. We got there just in the nick of time with only a 15 minute wait!

Early Girl Eatery

Matching boat shoes

After brunch we had some time to wander around downtown. Went to Malaprops and earnestly checked out their Blind Date with a Bookseller table. I wanted most of the books. Such a clever idea!

Blind Date with a Book Seller

We also took them through Mast and then for an obligatory visit to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. It was a great way to wrap up their brief visit!

David and Emma at the FBCL

Thanks for making this a stop on your trek back to school! We loved having you. See you soon!


Spring Break 2013: The Week in Review.

This week was so busy! It was good busy, though. Mostly. I sort of wish I had a week to run around and get stuff done and another week to sleep and sit around and perhaps go to a vacation-y spot. Alas, I managed to cram it all into one ten day span! And there are still a couple more days!

Monday I went to the dentist. Clean teeth: check. And I went grocery shopping. Tuesday I went to the eye doctor and got my haircut. Healthy eyes: check. New purple glasses: check. Hair trimmy-trim: check. Scott has been in various states of an ear infection all week – pain, fever, vertigo. Stinky stinky stinky.

Wednesday morning I hit the road to Chapel Hill! Had lunch with my oldest friend, Emily Silva, before she moves to NYC next weekend! Go Emily go! Went to Trader Joe’s to stock up – one day the Asheville store will open! Thursday I spent the day with my mom in her classroom. Her kids had a really neat Poetry Coffeehouse in the morning where they read some of their original poems! I had lunch with my dad at Merritt’s Store and Grill – really terrific BLT – and had a nice time catching up with him. After school was over Mom and I spent some time going around her house and making a list of things I want to have from her house while she’s in Kuwait. Among various other conversations and general hanging out! It was a very brief visit, but lovely. Thursday evening I headed back home to the mountains!

Friday ended up being a general catch-up day. Laundry, some errands, picked up my new glasses (!!!), lovely relaxing, hanging out. Saturday I worked at my weekend job again and Mom came up for the weekend! Easter Sunday we had a nice brunch – pancakes and bacon. Mom and I borrowed our friends sweet pooch, Cricket, for an afternoon walk and had a lovely time! Then we spent the evening in and cooked a nice simple Easter dinner of ham, roasted potatoes with cheese, and green beans. We watched a fair bit of Downton Abbey and hit the sack! Monday brought another fun day of running around. A lazy morning, late brunch, an early afternoon visit to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, a walk down to the Screen Door (where I found an awesome little children’s size ironing board that I intend to use for plants), a visit to the Biltmore for their wine tasting, and another delicious dinner together! Followed by some more Downton Abbey!

It was a lot of mish mash and this that and the other thing this Spring Break. Today was glorious! It snowed some earlier this Spring Break and we have had some lovely weather mixed in, with some rain too. The weather has been up and down and all around this spring. One day it will be consistently warm though! I was very productive this break, I got to travel, and I got to spend time with some of my favorite people! Scott is finally starting to feel a bit more like himself, which is such a relief. He still has some vertigo, but he was able to come with us to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge earlier! And I am very glad because it is our six year anniversary today!!! All in all it was a great break, a much needed rest, a rejuvenating time off, and a good week mixed with some productivity!

Loving our hyacinths!!!

Snow over Spring Break!?


Stocking up at Trader Joe's!

4th Grade Poetry Coffeehouse!


Sunset on the road.

New specs!

Easter bunny pancakes!

French Broad Chocolate Lounge!

Scott’s Birthday: Part 1

Scott’s birthday was over a week ago! October 12th we celebrated his birth! And I, for one, am so glad he is here! We went to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge for a little celebration. He got his birthday truffle and a candle in his Highland Mocha Stout Cake!

He is gentle and kind and wise. He is funny and silly and listens to all the right kinds of music. I could go on and on, but really all it boils down to is that I am so glad to be celebrating such a wonderful person! Cheers, Scott! I love you so much!


A Weekend Review

I’m starting my weekend review with Thursday because I want to. More importantly because Thursday was MOVIE NIGHT at our house and I don’t think I ever told you about it! Scott surprised me with “The Hunger Games” on Blu-Ray, which pretty much rocked my socks! And obviously required its very own movie night. So I picked up some Smartfood Popcorn and we settled in! It was awesome.

Friday was awesome too. Because it was Friday and FRIDAY means so much more to me now that I’m teaching!!! Saturday I worked at my other job downtown (I’m just working there on the weekends, and it’s one day a weekend, so it’s good.) and spent the morning relaxing and reading. I’ve been re-reading The Hunger Games series and I’m totally sucked in again, especially after our Thursday movie night!

Today was our day off! It felt amazing. Scott starts classes again tomorrow and this is his last year! He says it’s not sinking in yet that he’s starting classes again, but he’s all ready! We started out this morning with Gump’s Very Superior Pancakes (a family recipe) and relaxed. We managed to run our obligatory weekend errands quickly. After lunch we went for a walk at the Biltmore and then downtown to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge for a treat! It was glorious.

It was a terrific weekend! And we’re still enjoying the last bit of relaxing before the week starts! Glad we were able to pack so much into one weekend and still find time to rest and enjoy some time together. (All these photos were taken with my iPhone. Not too shabby!)