One of those days.

Today was one of those days. You know, those days. Where you find yourself irritated from the moment you wake up. For no good reason at all! Yep. One of those days.

I was actually able to refuse my bad attitude and turn it around before I got too far into my day. And the rest of my morning before work was good! I drove to work in some of the densest fog ever. Can you see in this photo how dense the fog is!? Nearly every morning I drive to work in fog like this. It’s actually pretty neat. I like fog.

And then I got to work.

And it was one of those days. All over again. Kids were wearing me out! Again for no good reason!

“Patience, virtue, etcetera, etcetera.” (Favorite quote from the movie “Humboldt County.” It’s my mantra a lot.)

The kids were pushing all of my buttons, my patience was short, the kids were taking forever to do things, my brain was running about a million miles a minute, and my shoes were driving me crazy! And I forced myself to stop and take a few deep breaths when I was feeling short tempered and I felt better. For a little while. Rinse and repeat. Looking back it really wasn’t a bad day! So I guess that’s a good way to have ended it. But I am glad to be home and have ended it on a decent note. I’m taking a deep breath and praying for a better day tomorrow. I really try not to complain on my blog because I feel like it’s not the place to do that, but I just wanted to get this out of my system. I promise not to make it a regular occurrence! Thank you for understanding.

Today was just one of those days.