A Healthy Dose of Sass




Got my hairs cut! It was time for something different. And I love it!




I feel as though terrariums have recently become more popular. Is it just me? I see them in so many magazines and on blogs, in weddings and casual home decor. I have contemplated full-out making one – and I still might. But for now, here’s what I have done. This serves two purposes for me: 1. I have wanted to experiment with terrariums, and 2. my poor begonia really has not been doing so well lately and I know it could be doing so much better. It’s just barely surviving and I wish it could flourish!

So I was doing a bit of research regarding the “problems” my begonia is having and what one could do about it. The leaves dry out! It starts at the edges and works its way along, eventually drying out the whole leaf. The stems are sort of weak and the leaves are not as vibrant as they were when the plant was new. It’s a rex begonia Escargot, so the leaves really are fabulous. And I do realize that begonias are not necessarily the easiest of house plants. But I am a bit bull-headed (I am a Taurus after all) and determined to do all that I can to keep this plant going!

On to my experiment. I decided to create a terrarium-like environment around the plant to see if the humidity inside would help. Apparently the humidity here in North Carolina just was not enough for the poor plant. (If only you could hear the heavy sarcasm in my head as I write this – all sources point to my plant needing more humidity.) So I started brainstorming and decided that the cheapest way to make a terrarium would be to find and repurpose a large glass canister and turn it upside down over the plant. I thought I might be able to find one at an antique store, but I knew I could get one at Target. And that is exactly what I did! I used a large glass jar found here along with the bottom from a large pot (currently holding one of our tomato plants outside) and some rocks to create my terrarium.

I left the begonia in its pot because I want to see if it likes the terrarium environment. If it does I plan to transplant it permanently into the jar, which I would then turn right side up. I will keep you posted on its progress!

I already had some rocks because I use them for extra drainage in the bottom of my potted plants. But you can get a big bag of them from Home Depot or Lowe’s for a few dollars! I think the bag I got was $2.50!

By putting a layer of rocks in the tray I was able to boost the jar up just enough to let some air in.

I placed the pot slightly off center because that one leaf extends so much over the edge. I did not want to bruise the leaf by having it pressing against the glass. That poor leaf is already having a hard time!

Oh, and I also sprinkled some water on the rocks (if I had a spray bottle to mist them I would have used that instead, but I just dipped my hands in water and sprinkled the rocks).

And here is the final product! My very own begonia terrarium. Here’s to hoping he loves the humidity in there!!! Please flourish little guy! I love you so much!

S’mores Cookies!

I found this recipe for S’mores Cookies on Made by Mike’s blog and Scott and I decided to give them a whirl! They are so easy and so tasty! And when summer calls for s’mores and you don’t have a fire pit, this is the next best thing. Plus, no smoke involved! Added bonus.

You can find the recipe on Made by Mike’s blog! They are really tasty warm, straight out of the oven. Thanks for the recipe Mike!!!

Coffee Cup Wisdom

I’ve decided to switch things up a little bit on the ol’ blog. For the last year and a half I have been posting a photo for every day and some caption to go along with it. While it has been a really neat process, I am ready for something new. It seemed like a good time to transition after I went out to Washington and did not have my computer to stay updated on posts. And it was getting to the point where there were a few days during the week in which I would find myself scrambling around looking for something to take a picture of for the sake of having a blog photo. It was getting to be a little too much.

So here goes nothing! I fully intend to continue posting on my blog, so that won’t change.

I just hope to post a little differently than before. I want it to be a blog where I can express myself and write about whatever a feel like writing about, and post pictures of things when I have some photos.

One thing that I really have gotten out of posting a photo every day is that I have had the opportunity to explore my love of photography.

I love photography, and I am fortunate enough to have a generous boyfriend who is perm-sharing his camera with me.

Instead of making myself an outline of what this blog should look like I am just going to go with it. See where it takes me! It will be a blog about everything and nothing. A blog about me.

And as per my coffee cup wisdom: “Oh, the places you’ll go!” Thanks Dr. Seuss.

Yes Bracelet

Thursday, June 28, 2012: Yesterday and the day-before-yesterday were … er … not so hot. Bits and pieces of them were good, but some other parts of it were not great. And I wasn’t in the best of moods. That was probably most of the reason behind the bits and pieces of the day that were not great. Fast forward to TODAY! I decided, after our walk and talk yesterday evening at the Biltmore, that today was going to be a good day! Yes! I made a concerted effort to focus on the positive and the things that make me happy. Upon arrival to work this morning I wanted to have some kind of reminder to be positive with me all day. So I tied this piece of cord around my wrist and dubbed it my Yes Bracelet. And it worked! It was great! Today was a terrific day! Yes!!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012: I’m thinking about starting an almost-weekly posting about things I wear. I’ve been trying to expand my wardrobe (while being on a major budget) and mix things up a little bit, so we’ll see what happens. As it is now, I tend toward a lot of jeans-and-a-t-shirt. Since it’s summer I’ll start by trying to branch out in the dress category. Here goes nothing!

dress: Target

boots: Frye Harness 12R

belt: my mom’s old belt


Wednesday, May 9, 2012: We have a hand mixer made by Cuisinart that we use all the time for smoothies. And a couple of weeks ago it stopped mixing! It was tragic – I was mid-smoothie! Not so much smoothie – more chunky. Blech. So we went across the way to ask the neighbor for her blender to finish the smoothie, and then decided we needed to contact the company. Less than a week after contacting them we have a brand spankin’ new hand mixer! And the best part is that they send the new one and you can wait until you receive it to send yours back! Yippee! Smoothies again! Thank you, Cuisinart, for having such a solid warranty and great customer service!

Recycling Bins to Planters!

Friday, April 20, 2012: When we got Big Blue, we got a note from the City of Asheville that said we could either put our old recycling bins into the new one to be recycled, or we could keep them! Needless to say, we kept them. And this morning I turned them into a garden! The soil outside of our apartment would probably be fine for a garden, but I thought it would be really neat to try this! I didn’t do a good job of taking photos of the process, mostly because my hands were covered in mud/dirt, but I’ll give you the basic idea. I bought a giant bag of potting soil (I made sure I found some that was good for container gardens and veggie plants) at Home Depot (where a very nice man helped me load aforementioned giant bag into my car) and filled the recycling bins, planted the veggies, and watered the heck out of them! There is lettuce and spinach in the blue one, tomato plants in the green one, and basil in the little pot on the side!