Regarding Mulch

This post is all about mulch. Yes, you heard me correctly: MULCH.

(Having just typed the word “mulch” several times it now looks like it is spelled wrong and is probably not even a real word, but I’m going to continue anyway.)

We have mulch all over the playground at school. The pieces vary from about the size of my thumb to a fine dust and the kids are always pulling mulch off of their clothing and dumping it out of their shoes (which we encourage them to do outside so we don’t end up with mulch all over the floor in the classroom). But the mulch is not just the ground we walk on around the playground. No, it is so much more. It is tea, coffee (sometimes spicy coffee, depending on the kid who serves it to you), pie, salmon and rice, and smoothies. It is deliveries in toy trucks, important mail, and food for the kitties (kids pretend to be our kitties and we name them and they run around and meow).

Mulch is everything. And these kids have the most amazing imaginations! It is a humble reminder that our minds have so much creativity!

And now I find myself emptying mulch out of my shoes.


Also, I want to mention two birthdays that fall on this marvelous day.

Today is my friend Emily Silva’s birthday! Happy Birthday lady! Hope you are having the most marvelous day.

Today is also Maria Montessori’s 142nd birthday!!! She developed the Montessori Method that we use at my school! This is an interesting video about Montessori just in case you’re curious!

Hope you have a terrific weekend!!!