Whirlwind Summer Travels: Pacific Northwest Edition

I’m finally catching up a bit after our travels this past week! We arrived in Seattle late on Monday evening, and by the time we got to where we were staying it was about midnight. And it felt like about 3 o’clock AM. Yay time zone change! We spent three days hanging out with family, playing lots and lots of card games, eating, soaking up some sun, relaxing, and celebrating. It was an absolutely jam-packed few days and it was so good to see family. Here are a few highlights from the trip!

Parker, waiting at the airport.

One of many games of Hand and Foot.

My Great Aunt and Uncle’s lake house where we all get together for the Fourth of July every year. I hadn’t been in four years and it was Scott’s first time!

Lake Stevens, Washington.


Bobo and Parker talking, while Parker avoids getting a sun burn on his face.

My cousin and his lovely fiancé at their wedding shower. They get married on August 19 and I’m so sad not to be able to make it. But it was awesome to be at their shower!

Aaaaand this was the morning after we got home, just before Scott and I hit the road back to Asheville. We arrived around midnight in Raleigh, spent the night at my mom’s house, got up the next morning and picked up breakfast and coffee at Bruegger’s, drove back to the mountains, and I went to work at 12:30!

Needless to say, we’re exhausted.

But the trip was terrific and it was totally wonderful to spend time with family!



Saturday, June 18, 2011: I have a confession … I LOVE cards.           In my defense, it’s not as though I ran out and dropped a bunch of dolla-dolla bills on this at one time. It has been a slow collection over several years. AND ALSO in my defense, I do use them! I send cards and letters regularly! And I know several people who can account for this fact. I’ll leave you anonymous. Love y’all! And for those of you who haven’t gotten cards … just you wait! I have 16 new sea otter cards in my arsenal!!!

I’m doing my part to keep the United States Postal Service in business. Are you!?

Epiphany, etc.

Thursday, January 6, 2011: Christmas Cards.

A few of the Christmas cards we got this year!

Friday, January 7, 2011: Adventure Day!

Today I went on an adventure. And sometimes adventures like these require that you drive in one direction to get some things, and then drive in the exact opposite direction to get the rest of your things. Stops along my adventure today include, but are certainly not limited to: Target, Lancaster, Wal Mart (not my favorite … but a good place to get winter windshield wipers when no one else seems to have them), Bagels PLUS, Trader Joe’s, EMS, Upton House Antiques, Willow Books, and the Post Office. Phew!

Route 2 West toward Leominster, MA.