Get Ready, Kuwait!

Here she comes!

Have you met my mom? Well, just in case you haven’t, or you didn’t already know – she is AMAZING! She went to Boston this weekend (just in time for the storm) for a job fair and is coming home with a job teaching elementary drama at the American School of Kuwait! She has been planning and interviewing and researching and writing resumes and filling out applications and orchestrating the adventure of a lifetime! This weekend was the moment of truth and everything is falling into place! She had back-to-back interviews for many hours straight, truly exhausted herself in telling everyone how awesome she is, got three job offers (in Turkey, Kuwait, and UAE), and is coming home with a position teaching elementary drama at the American School of Kuwait!

Shut the front door – I’m choking back tears!

Dear Mom,

You are truly an inspiration to me. I have watched you suffer for the past several years, wishing things were better, and my heart has ached for you. Through the unfairness of it all you picked yourself up, put yourself out there, and got the best response you could have possibly gotten! I know how challenging this has all been for you and I know how on top of the world you must feel right now! You received some incredible feedback, boosting your self esteem right back up to where it should be, and then even higher! I am elated for you and I can hardly wait to see how this adventure of a lifetime unfolds for you! 

I truly believe that I speak not only for myself when I say that you deserve every bit of this gift! You are an incredible woman and I look up to you and aspire to be my best because of you! 

I love you so much, I am so proud, and I can hardly wait to see what the next few years hold for you!

Love always, Adrianne

My amazing mom!

What a woman!

Flood gate of tears now open. I’m going to go get a tissue.

P.S. I believe the next several months will include some whirlwind go-help-Mom-get-her-things-ready-to-move-to-Kuwait weekends!!! I can hardly wait!

P.P.S. Christmas 2013 in Kuwait!? I think so.



Thursday, May 17, 2012: Today was our Boston day! We went in this morning and spent the better part of the day wandering around, enjoying the big city. We met Andrew at the Pru, had a lovely walk around Boston Commons, then went for lunch at Piattini on Newbury Street (sandwiches, pasta, wraps, salads – tasty and not too pricey). After lunch we made our way to the North End for some connolis at Modern Pastry. We made the mistake of not specifying that the connolis were to go and the whoopie pie was for here, so it all got wrapped up in the box and tied with string. So I untied the string and untangled the knots to get the whoopie pie, and retied the box for carrying home. There just happened to be a very cute old Italian man sitting right behind me who watched the whole process and told me how impressed he was! In his super thick Italian accent. He asked where I was from and said he should go get me an application to work there. He was charming, and even kissed my hand when we left! After Modern Pastry we headed back to the T to go home. It was a fabulous day, the weather was glorious, and the Italians were endearing. I love Boston.