My mom is currently on her way to Asheville with her friend Jane and we are so excited to see them!!! Dinner is on the stove and our bellies are rumbling and I have just been thinking about this week. There have certainly been ups and downs, the good and the bad like high tide and low tide. (Side note: we’re missing the ocean a lot lately.) I’m just finding myself so pleased because it ended on a high note! And I am so happy that it is the weekend! After care was a breeze today, which is awesome for a Friday, and the kids were all playing together so peacefully. It just makes me so happy to see them understand the things we have been teaching them about sharing the toys and being kind to each other. They are little sponges!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and share a few photos from this week. I have a threads post to share soon too!



Field Trip!!!

We took the kids to an apple orchard for a field trip today!!! It was so much fun! The kids have been so excited for the last couple of weeks! We have been reading books about apples, doing apple-related art projects, and making up little chants about apples. Today was absolutely gorgeous! It was a little brisk when we first got there, but it warmed up quickly. We went on a hay-less hay ride (it was a wagon behind a tractor, probably because so many people are allergic to hay), then we walked around the orchard and picked apples!

It was a great day! And now I want to go back to the apple orchard and spend more time wandering around the orchard. It was a great day!!! Yay field trips!