Maine Mini-Moon

The morning after our perfect wedding we had a delicious brunch casserole made by my lovely parents. And we celebrated Scott’s birthday! Our guests started packing their things and hitting the road one by one. So many hugs and love sent traveling. The moment I realized my mom was leaving was heart-wrenching – it caught me completely off guard and we both had a good cry. It seemed to both of us to mean that things were really coming to an end. But what a beautiful way to end such a perfect weekend – surrounded by love and so many hugs.

Plaid Newlyweds

Scott and I packed our things and made our last rounds at Friendly Crossways. My wonderful maid of honor wrote on our car so that everyone we passed on the road would know were were “Just Married!” As silly as it sounds it’s one of the things I really wanted to be a part of our wedding. And I’m so glad we did since we drove so much right after we got married!

Just Married!

After a quick stop at Scott’s parents house to repack the car for our Mini-Moon, and to give and get some more hugs, we hit the road for Maine! It was exhilarating to be alone at last and on our way to one of our favorite places in the world. As soon as we merged onto the highway people were already honking and waving at us newlyweds. What a fun way to keep the excitement alive and well! As we drove to Maine we reminisced about our wedding. About the people that came, the moments we shared, and the memories we created. We kept sighing and saying, “It was just perfect.”

At the house Fall leaves

On our way to the house off the highway we stopped for some lunch and a few groceries for our couple of days. Scott suggested that we sit on the floor and eat our lunch and read through the many cards from our friends and family. Perfection.

We were so lucky to spend our first couple of days as husband and wife in one of our favorite places on Earth. Goose Rocks Beach is a beautiful slice of heaven and it was serene and peaceful and quiet those days in October. After eating some lunch and wrapping ourselves in the words and well-wishes of our family and friends we went for a walk on the beach. Our shadows were long and the persistent promise of the next waves were so peaceful and perfect.

Bean boots at the beach Shell Snail trail and shadow Long shadows Just married

That evening we went to one of our favorite little restaurants – Cape Pier Chowder House. As we sat quietly enjoying our seafood we both began to crash … and crash hard we did. After a few weeks of non-stop everything it was finally catching up to us. Exhausted, we packed our seafood in to-go containers and headed back to the house. We enjoyed a quiet evening and headed for bed early.

The view from the Cape Pier Chowder House at Cape Porpoise.

The view from the Cape Pier Chowder House at Cape Porpoise.

The next day, after sipping some coffee and enjoying some breakfast, we headed to Portland. We had a delicious lunch at Gritty McDuff’s – a favorite for their beer, seafood, and general Maine wonderfulness. The woman at the bar, upon finding out we were just married, bought us our beers!


After lunch we headed to the pier to get on the Mail Boat for a ride around Casco Bay. About 7 years ago, the summer after we started dating, when Scott took me to Maine for the first time we went on the Mail Boat ride together. It was so picturesque and beautiful and it seemed a fitting thing to do on our Mini-Moon. And it was. It was a beautiful day, the fall colors were vivid, and the realization that being right there, together on that boat in the middle of Casco Bay, was all that we had to do was so sweet.

Handsome Husband On the Mail Boat Casco Bay

Once we got back to Portland from the Mail Boat ride we wandered around the Old Port some, just taking it all in. We dipped into a few shops here and there and basked in our newlywed-ness. As we were walking down one street we passed a shop that had a little flask in the window covered in plaid fabric. The plaid happened to match our bow ties and sashes perfectly so, naturally, we went in. I picked up the flask and told the shop keeper that we had just been married and that the plaid on the flask matched the plaid we used in our wedding and, naturally, I needed to buy it. He promptly took the price tag off, handed the flask back to me, and said, “Congratulations! That just made my day.” A perfect souvenir.

Maine Love Locks - next time we'll bring one!

Maine Love Locks – next time we’ll bring one!

For dinner that evening we went to another one of our favorite places – J’s Oysters. It’s a little restaurant that’s tucked away behind some other buildings and is right on the water. In fact, it seems to slope quite a bit toward the water. We enjoyed our usual – lobster stew and steamed mussels.

J's Oyster Cisco Bay from J's Oyster

We made our way slow back to the car as we realized that our time in Maine was coming to a close. A beautiful time it was. If I have any suggestion for a bride-and-groom to-be it is to take a few days right after the wedding and get away. It doesn’t have to be far away, just away. Just the two of you. Take those days to soak it all up as much as you can. You will never get that time back – that time of being so freshly married and so blissfully happy. We are planning to go on more of a honeymoon later, but I am so glad we took those extra days to get away and soak it up. It was perfection.

Once we got back to the house we decided to go back down to the beach one more time. We brought our thermoses with some bubbly and toasted to our lives together in the dark on the beach with the waves crashing in. It was pure bliss.

The next morning we had some breakfast, soaked up the last bits of our Mini-Moon, and headed back to Littleton. We were thrilled when we got there that some of Scott’s family was there! We repacked our car with everything and gave our hugs and said our farewells. Then we hit the road south! We stayed with some friends in Pennsylvania overnight and then continued on our way the next day. We had so many people honk and wave and congratulate us on being Just Married! We even had a truck driver congratulate us over the CB Radio in Scott’s car! It certainly made our long drive home more fun.

View from the highway View from the highway 2

Now we’ve been married for three months and I’m pleased to report that married life is wonderful.



2 thoughts on “Maine Mini-Moon

  1. So lovely to read about this. It made me cry as memories of that wedding week came flooding back to me. I’m so glad the mini-moon was just as perfect as the wedding day (well, the whole week actually). Love you both so much! oxox

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