Pre-Wedding Shenanigans

As I look back on it, the week leading up to our wedding is all a big beautiful blur. There are dozens of lovely snapshot moments that I remember as though they just happened a few seconds ago. And then there are large swaths of time that feel like they just flew by in one big gust of wind. Of course, I would like to think that I remember it all, but I am sure that I don’t. That being said, I actually do remember a lot of it … and very fondly at that. It was a glorious, love-filled, euphoric blur that I wouldn’t change one bit.

We got engaged just before Christmas last year and spent the following 10 months planning our wedding. What I didn’t expect was how different it would actually be to plan our wedding FOR REAL than it was to plan it before we were engaged. Silly pre-engaged Adrianne. Planning our wedding was fun and easy and everything fell into place just perfectly. And I’m not even kidding. Add that to the list of things I would never have believed had you told me a year ago.

Scott and Adrianne Engagement

So we planned and planned and packed and listed and loaded and organized and drove and drove and drove. We drove from North Carolina to Massachusetts all in one day – the Saturday before our wedding. One week before the Big Day. There’s no way around it – it was a long day of driving. But it was so exciting to finally be making the trek up to New England for OUR WEDDING!

View from sunrise on the interstate

Crazies in the car

View from sunset on the interstate

The next day my mom arrived from Kuwait to spend the week before the wedding with us. It was so great to see her!

First thing on Monday morning we drove to the Harvard Town Hall to apply for our marriage license! The Harvard Town Hall is exceptionally quaint.

Harvard Town Hall

After that we did a little bit of shopping for those last minute things. Scott, my mom, my mother-in-law, and I went up to New Hampshire to the mall in Nashua. We got the rest of our wine from good ol’ Trader Joe’s, along with some free flowers from the woman in the check-out line. It was only just starting to feel like we were actually getting married in less than a week. (!) We got a few last-minute clothing items for the moms and a few other things I’m sure we didn’t need.

On Tuesday we took a little day-trip to Western Massachusetts with my mom to do a little exploring. It was so nice to get away for a day, just to relax and give ourselves a break from planning. We started out at the Montague Book Mill. It’s terrific! It’s a little used bookstore in what I assume is an old mill. It’s right on a beautiful waterfall, and the fall colors all around were brilliant. There’s a cozy little cafe with delicious sandwiches and tasty coffee that was just right. We continued our exploration throughout a few towns, ooh-ed and aah-ed the beautiful fall colors, and visited Scott’s high school, Northfield Mount Hermon. It was lovely.

Montague Book Mill

Waterfall at Montague Book Mill

Mom and me Montague Book Mill


The next couple of days were filled with errands and preparations, as well as spa time for my mom, Scott’s mom, and me. On Thursday morning Scott and I went back to the Harvard Town Hall to pick up our Marriage License!

Marriage License!

On Thursday afternoon Scott’s brother “kidnapped” him for his bachelor party. They went to pick up their other brother from Boston and then on to F1 Boston for an evening of fun. My mom and I picked up my brother when he arrived and took him to join in the fun, and Mom and I watched for a bit. See more about F1 Boston here.

Scott at F1

F1 Boston

The next day was Friday, and that’s when things really got kicked up a notch. More and more people steadily arrived throughout the day – starting with my grandparents first thing in the morning! We started staging things at Scott’s parents house and packing things up to take to our venue.




We loaded up the cars, had a little pow-wow, and convoyed to Friendly Crossways about a mile down the road. It was so awesome! As we drove to our venue, with everything packed up and so many people with us, it dawned on us that this was really happening! We were finally getting married!

Convoy to Friendly Crossways

As soon as we arrived at Friendly Crossways, our wonderful venue, all hands were on deck and everyone was helping. It was incredible! We got things set up, changed our clothes, and then suddenly it was time. The rehearsals were perfect, and it was nothing short of thrilling to finally be so close to getting married.


Rehearsal pow-wow


After the rehearsal we all got settled into our rooms and spent the rest of the wonderful evening hanging out. We had a lovely dinner, provided by my wonderful in-laws, and sat in a giant circle while the parents gave short speeches. It was perfect.

Rehearsal dinner!

My Dean

We ended the night at the fire pit outside and enjoyed the evening, eagerly anticipating the next day.

Fire pit


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