January has flown by.

Sweet Fridge Notes

School started right back up on January 2nd, followed by a snow day! What a way to start off the New year, eh? Everyone at work was so excited for us on our engagement and my wonderful boss wrote this sweet note on the white board on the fridge in the break room. It’s still there and it makes me smile every time I see it. It is so exciting to be engaged!


I spent about an entire month fighting laryngitis and I think it’s finally gone. Pretty much. For someone who talks as much as I do it’s pretty hard to rest my voice. Oh, and the “no singing” rule was almost the hardest part. The dry air has not done any good either. So we went on some quiet walks and spent some quiet evenings together. We’re also enjoying looking for things for our reception at antique stores. I don’t think this Buddha will make the cut, but he sure is happy!


Also, Polar Vortex anyone!? Our thermometer out back said -0.6. That is so cold! Asheville doesn’t usually get down to the negatives. We have had a few 2-hour delays, city and county schools have been cancelled a handful of times, and there have been a lot of days where it was too cold to go outside on the playground. Which is hard when you work with 3-6 year old bundles of energy.

Polar Vortex

There have also been some really gorgeous days with the sun shining bright and the air crisp and cool. It takes the edge off the cold when the sun is shining outside. I don’t think I could live in a place without lots of sunshine.

Cows at Biltmore

Because my Grandpa was a philatelist (look it up) I can’t buy anything but the cool stamps. Every time. So this time, muscle cars!

Muscle Car Stamps

Giraffes in Biltmore Village

My dad came up for a brief visit last weekend and we had a lovely time together! He took us out to celebrate our engagement and as a belated Christmas celebration, which was wonderful! I love spending time with the people I love. We watched Downton Abbey and went for a quick visit to the Biltmore Estate as well – it just works so well together. We loved having you Dad!

We have had little dustings of snow here and there over the past month. Nothing that I could measure, but it’s pretty! I always forget that there is much more winter after Christmas than there is before Christmas. Note to self.

Snow on my grad tree!

Also – my Grandma and I are going to Paris over my Spring Break this year!!! I’m still in shock. I start a French 1 class on Monday so I’ll at least have a crash course in French to use while we are there. I am so excited!!!

Paris Spring Break 2014

This year is going to be so full! I am so excited and I just have to remember to find the peace in each and every day. And to take it a day at a time. There is only so much I can plan for! I am so thankful and so excited!



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