Every afternoon at the end of the day, once the children are all packed up and ready to go home, we have a Thank You Circle. We go around the circle and write down two things that each person is thankful for on a tile and the children are free to go and look at it throughout the day. We have one child who has a lot of trouble choosing just two things so we helped him come up with a way to encompass them all:

“I am thankful for all the people (or ‘things’, if it really can’t be narrowed down) I love in my life.”

It is a humbling reminder that we have so much for which to be thankful and to stop and really think about it from time to time.

Today was one of those days where I just couldn’t stop thinking about all the things I love in my life. We set off on an adventure this afternoon to “peep some fall leaves” (thanks to the leaf peepers) and found ourselves way out of cell phone service and almost in Tennessee. As locals we tend to avoid the Blue Ridge Parkway during this leaf-peeper season because it just ends up being a parking lot and it’s not as enjoyable as one might hope. What we stumbled upon today was far better than we could have imagined. I found myself glued to the window, leaning forward to see more of the views, in absolute awe of the unbelievable beauty of the mountains in which we live.


Fall Colors

Twisty Turny Roads

Out for a drive

Fall Colors 2013

The leaves this time of year are absolutely spectacular. Admittedly, it is past peak in some places, but in others it is right in the midst of all the fall color glory. I found myself swooning over the scenery in Southern Appalachia – the changing leaves, the crisp air, the old barns and houses, the creeks trickling over rocks, and the twisty roads that we had almost entirely to ourselves were right out of one of those novels you just don’t want to put down. At one point we realized we had absolutely no clue what the time was, nor did we care. We just followed the curves of the road from one majestic creek to the next. It was like magic out there.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude. For all the people I love in my life, for this breathtaking place where we get to live, for the home I share with the most incredible partner, for my job and all my tiny munchkins. I am one lucky gal, that’s for sure.


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