Happy Birthday Scotty!!!

What a glorious birthday weekend celebrating my dear Scott. He is the most incredible person and I am so lucky to be living this life with him!

We started off the day with pumpkin bread french toast with bacon and coffee for Scott’s birthday brunch. It was delicious, if I do say so myself. And a lovely way to start the day.

Pumpkin Bread French Toast

After lounging around for a bit we made our way to Black Mountain to get some coffee from our favorite roaster, Dynamite. Then found ourselves at Goodwill hunting for a blue blazer for Scott and a piece of my Halloween costume – check and check!

Dynamite Coffee

Headed back home the long way via a drive on the Parkway. And off the Parkway on this twisty dirt road! It was a gorgeous afternoon for a brief drive. The fall colors are starting to show through in all their glory one leaf at a time. And Scott was in heaven on those twisty roads!

Windy dirt road off the Blue Ridge Parkway

Got ourselves all gussied up and went to a beautiful wedding at The Farm. The air was crisp, the horses picturesque, and the wedding was a party!

All gussied up for a wedding.

Pretty pastures.

After the wedding we met up with two of the most wonderful friends at Hi-Wire for some birthday brews. It was the perfect way to wind up the evening and celebrate with my sweetheart!

Friends at Hi-Wire!

This evening we went out for a slightly belated birthday dinner. But only slightly considering we were celebrating all weekend. Went to our more recent favorite, Doc Chey’s, for some delicious noms! And took this cheesy birthday dinner selfie.

Birthday dinner selfie

Our fortunes for the evening were very appropriate – Scott’s is first, mine is second. Both so true. Although the trip to the seaside is unplanned as of yet.

Birthday fortunes

Scott, you are amazing. You are kind, generous, loving, funny, witty, smart, silly, and oh so handsome. And I am so lucky to have you! I hope you know just how special you are and feel well celebrated to boot! I love you!


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