A little bit fall-ish.

It’s feeling a little bit fall-ish. At least there have been a few days that have felt fall-ish. And the mornings are foggy and crisp and the evenings cool and cricket-y.

Life has been so busy lately. I’m not sure where the time goes to be honest! Sometimes I wish I could just have an extra day in the weekend. Who am I kidding, that’s all the time.

A month into school and the kiddos are keeping me on my toes for sure! A friend of mine gave me a tincture that is supposed to give me more patience (in some perhaps slightly roundabout way) after we discussed the need for more of said virtue. So, naturally, I refer to it as my patience potion and take it often. Being a preschool teacher stretches my brain in ways I never thought possible. I learn so much from these munchkins and am so grateful for each and every one of them. They teach me to be more direct in my communication and really say what I mean so I can be understood. This is a valuable lesson for someone who tends to dance around touchy topics. I do this less now and communicating is so much more successful. My munchkins remind me to be here now. They remind me to enjoy this moment, dance, laugh, hug, run, spin, breathe, and love.


Fall is a busy time of year ’round these parts. Leaf lookers and all that jazz. I think it’s just a generally busy time of year and it just feels blown out of proportion sometimes. Every weekend in October is spoken for already. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all fun stuff, but seriously!? How did that happen? There are so many things to look forward to … it just feels like a lot when it’s all at once. But I’m reminding myself to have a grand time and enjoy every moment. And I tell myself again and again – be here now. Don’t worry about all of the other things happening then, sink into this right here right now. It feels good to be in this moment.

This moment is fall and I love fall.

Here is a bit more of life lately.

Downtown Asheville

S and me at Lake Lure Wedding

Succulent propagation

Foggy Friday

Downtown Asheville 2

Krispy Kreme

Biltmore Horse


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