This End Up

Earlier this week my mom and her friend did a whirl wind trip to Asheville to do a furniture swap. They rented a cargo van, loaded up my mom’s This End Up furniture from her house, drove to Asheville, we moved the current furniture out of the apartment, unloaded the This End Up into the apartment, loaded the van with the other furniture, had a brief evening on the town for dinner at Wicked Weed, slept, and they hit the road early the next morning, unloaded the furniture into my mom’s house, and returned the cargo van. All in 24 hours. So yeah, they’re pretty much the bomb diggity. If you know what I mean.

The first picture is a bit of an oldie from right after we moved in two years ago. But the furniture didn’t really move and it was always a bit too big for the space. But it was free, and for that we were always grateful! (Thanks Dad and Dean!)

old furniture

The This End Up furniture isn’t really that much smaller as far as seating is concerned, but it is much lower profile and feels like it fits the space much better. (Thanks Mom!) Oh, and we have a Classic Overnighter upstairs too!

this end up


So there you have it. Our new-to-us furniture!


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