Weekend Review: Family of Travelers

Childhood bedroom

My childhood bedroom.

This weekend was the first of many trips to Chapel Hill this summer. There is a lot of prep with my mom moving to Kuwait in August, selling her house and her car, and sorting through a lifetime of memories. On top of all this my brother, Parker, left for a month in Beijing this morning! He will be studying there for the next month, taking classes at a university, and soaking up the culture as much as he can. This weekend was a fond farewell to him.

The Bees' Knees.

Mom and I also soaked up some time this weekend. We visited Parker at work, sipped tasty drinks, and enjoyed the asparagus with parmesan and the cheddar tater tots at The Weathervane. It was a slow night so Parker was able to hang out with us a fair bit, which was really nice!

Mom and me!

On Sunday we went to a neat little place in Pittsboro for brunch called Small Street B & B. We wanted to have a little going away gathering for Parker before he left on his big adventure! It was such a neat little place and the lemon ricotta hotcakes were divine. Also, Beyonce was there. (Click here if you don’t know why that’s funny.) Pittsboro really is an up and coming place these days!

Small's B&B

Headed home after our get together on Sunday with my dad’s guitar and some of my mom’s wall art. I am hoping to learn to play the guitar and it feels like a reasonable goal now that I have a guitar that I can learn on! I’ll keep you posted. As for the art, we are keeping some pieces and just babysitting others, but it will feel wonderful to have things up on the walls in our apartment! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Parker is off to China now and I am holding him in my thoughts and prayers that he may have a most terrific, safe, eye-opening, growing experience. I love you!

This was the first trip of many to Chapel Hill this summer – soaking up family time like a dry sponge. (Update: A damp sponge soaks up more water than a dry sponge. I’ll try to soak up family time like a damp sponge from now on. Thanks Mom!)


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