And now there are TWO.

Two trees that is. I have my hemlock seedling from my graduation three years ago and now Scott has his spruce seedling! Also, two graduates. Two alumni. My goodness that feels awesome.

There are so many things I want to tell you about! This last month-plus has been absolutely crazy non-stop. I feel like there were things at the end of April that were also crazy, but I don’t remember them. I’ve updated a tiny bit through May, so I’ll pick up where I left off after Mother’s Day.

Scott and I spent the second weekend of May and the week that followed cleaning the heck out of our apartment. It was, to say a few things, awesome and tiring and necessary and helpful. Scott’s parents and older brother arrived on Thursday. My mom, brother, and Scott’s younger brother arrived on Friday. There was lots of eating and visiting and some drinking beer and a bit of sleeping. Saturday morning it poured and poured down rain. Warren Wilson College had to move graduation inside for the first time in the last several decades. To those who made it happen – I thank you. Graduation was a bit muggy, but overall a great ceremony, and above all else SCOTT GRADUATED WITH HIS BACHELOR’S DEGREE AND GOT HIS SPRUSE SEEDLING!!!


Photo courtesy of Andrew Anderson.

The afternoon continued with a marvelous little party with 12 Bones BBQ, beer, great company, a sweet pooch, and a beautiful venue. (Shout out to Nick and Kathy for hosting our party at their beautiful home – y’all are positively the bees’ knees.)

E'erbody.Over the course of the weekend we ate at some of our favorite restaurants, drank some delicious brews, and spent some time just hanging out. On Sunday we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway and went to the top of Mount Mitchell, followed by some tasty noms at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. It was wonderful to be surrounded by family and celebrating such a momentous occasion!

At the top of Mount Mitchell

Thank you to all the wonderful people that came to celebrate with us! It was a terrific weekend and we couldn’t be happier to both be Warren Wilson Graduates. Congratulations, especially, to my Scott – I am so proud of you! I love you!


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