seis años: our anniversary.

Last Monday, April 1, was our anniversary! (No April Fools joke here.) It is hard to believe, but it was six years ago that we started this crazy adventure together. It has been a most wonderful six years!

We met during Orientation Week at Warren Wilson College in August of 2006. Fresh out of our parents protection, on our way to one of the many assemblies we attended that week teaching us about all manner of college-y things, Scott and I met for the first time. He introduced himself and I informed him that there was a Scott Anderson at my high school and that I didn’t like him very much. I kid you not – famous first words. He probably thought I was the weirdest and that he had better steer clear of me for the foreseeable future. A wise man, indeed.

Fast forward to Spring 2007. Scott melded into our friend group and we started hanging out more. But really, just friends. We spent a bit of time getting to know one another over Winter Break chatting online, but that does not necessarily correlate to best friends in real life. The day he was supposed to fly up to Massachusetts for Spring Break his flight was cancelled (much to my Southern astonishment) due to snow up in New England . He tried to reschedule his flight out of Asheville – to no avail – and I suggested that he could come home with me and catch a flight out of RDU instead. He took me up on the offer, came back home with me, and flew out a couple of days later. We chatted several times throughout the week, but I insisted to my mother (who rather surreptitiously suggested that he was quite handsome) that we were JUST FRIENDS. Upon our return the following week we flirted our faces off, I repeatedly asked my roommate if she thought he liked me (because, come on, it’s what girls do – thanks Leigh!), she rolled her eyes at me because it was quite obvious that he did, we decided we were “a thing” around April 1, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The first few years of our relationship involved meeting in the dining hall for breakfast together, finding each other for lunch together between classes and work, and spending our evenings doing homework in the same room. So romantic, I know. But really, it was perfect. I was in heaven! Up until Scott I was convinced that all boys were afraid of me and that I would spend my entire life single trying desperately not to frighten boys away. Ah, high school, how I do not miss thee.

The semester before I graduated, Scott decided to take some time off from school. He came down to celebrate my graduation and then we both headed back up to New England. I moved to Maine and lived there for a few months, then moved to Massachusetts and lived with Scott and his parents until he and I made the move back to Asheville. We have now been back in Asheville for almost two years, Scott is almost finished with is degree and graduates in May, and we are happier than ever!

We never really do a whole lot for our anniversary, but we usually try to at least go out for dinner to celebrate. This year we opted to try Wicked Weed for our anniversary dinner date! It was a really superb choice, if I do say so myself. The weather was glorious, the sun was shining, and the eats and brews were splendiferous. We give it a Siskel-and-Ebert-style two-thumbs-way-up. And on our actual anniversary we went out for a treat at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge with my mom, since she was in town visiting. All in all, it was the perfect way to celebrate – low key, fun, with some delicious food, and great company.


On a walk at the Biltmore

Date at Wicked Weed!

Wicked WeedHere’s to another countless happy years! I love you, Scott! I am so glad we are doing life together.


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