Spring Break 2013: And so it begins …

I started this Spring Break with two days at my weekend job! So that’s been fun! It actually is really wonderful to see all my friends there, and it is refreshing to do something COMPLETELY different from teaching munchkins.

On the home front, we began our day yesterday at Urgent Care for poor Scott. He has an ear infection and a (possibly) perforated ear drum! Poor guy. He has been pretty miserable. Hopefully the antibiotics and such will keep him on the mend! We ended our day with some chicken and rice soup and some good ol’ Top Gear. Last night brought us both almost 12 hours of sleep – thank goodness! All in all I would say this has been an eventful beginning to my spring break, and a rather rough end to Scott’s spring break. Get better Scott!!!

I got the recipe for chicken and rice soup from here and I added potatoes. I also used a rotisserie chicken because it gives it a bit more flavor. Mmm comfort food! Omnom.

Chicken and rice soup


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