“I went on the internet and I found this!”

Top Gear anyone? Jeremy Clarkson? Yeah, my boyfriend watches this and I may or may not have seen a few episodes. It’s great when I’m in the mood to half-listen and half-watch a TV show while half-doing something else entirely. And it’s a bunch of silly men with British accents talking about cars and other silly things. I mean, come on. Let’s be honest. It’s mostly the British accents, because if it were American it just wouldn’t be as funny.

Moving on. In many episodes Jeremy Clarkson refers to going on the internet and finding something. Now, you (as the audience) never actually see what he found on the internet, but the reaction from the other silly British men is what makes it all that much funnier. Here, I show you.

Which brings me to the entire point of this blog post:

I went on the internet today and I found this! Emergency Compliment. And this was my Emergency Compliment. (Commence fits of giggles.)

It’s Tuesday night folks. Yep, Tuesday night. Here we go week!


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