Conservators’ Center

This place is seriously awesome!!! It is located outside of Burlington, NC in Caswell County, more or less the middle of nowhere. Scott and I met my mom and her friend there on Saturday evening for a Twilight Tour. It was incredible! We saw lynx, bobcats, red foxes, servals, chausies, jungle cats, binturongs, lemurs, genets, geoffrey’s cats, caracals, kinkajous, leopards, wolves, tigers, and lions. It got dark pretty soon after the tour started so I stopped trying to take pictures. But there are some pretty incredible pictures of the animals on the website! Check it out here. Part of the excitement of the Twilight Tour is that a lot of the animals are more active during that time of the day. We got to witness the wolves howling and the lions roaring!!! We were right in the middle of it!


I totally wish that I could have gotten more pictures, but the tour gave me goosebumps and I learned so much that it didn’t matter. I would really like to go back for a Photography Tour some time though! You should check it out! The Conservators’ Center Inc – pretty amazing!


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