Weekend Review: Awesome 80s Prom!

Last weekend we headed to Chapel Hill for the show my mom was in! One of her former students contacted her to be a part of the East Chapel Hill High School play Awesome 80s Prom! And we couldn’t miss it! My marvelous mother was Mrs. Patty Lascalzo, the drama teacher, and the school was called Wannaget High! It was an audience interactive show in the gym at Lincoln Center. The gym was set up like a school dance and it was decked out for your 1989 Senior Prom! The music was great, the costumes/outfits were so much fun, and the whole evening was a blast! There were bits and pieces on the stage and the characters all interacted with the audience on the dance floor throughout the night. Whenever there was a slow dance my mom (the drama teacher) and the principal came around with rulers to separate people! It was so funny! It was such a great show, and such a fun weekend! We got to see some good friends, family, and had a great time at our 1989 Senior High Prom!

On Sunday afternoon, once we were home from Chapel Hill, it was time to do a bit of gardening! We bought some spring flower bulbs on super sale a couple of months ago and it was really almost past time to plant them. So I spent some time digging in the dirt, dug a nice big hole, and planted some hyacinth and tulip bulbs! They were so beautiful! I am really excited to see them in the spring!

Also, in honor of Election Day, here’s my photo. I voted early last Thursday! I really hope you voted too.


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