A Whirlwind

Last weekend (the first weekend of October) was such a whirlwind that I have yet to write about it. Here goes! My mom arrived on Friday evening and we spent some time catching up. Then I worked all day on Saturday, followed by delicious homemade tacos for my mom’s belated birthday dinner, and a surprise visit to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge where we met up with some friends for dessert! It was so much fun to spend some time together, have a belated birthday celebration for my mom, and chocolate is always a good idea!

My mom baked some pumpkin bread on Saturday while I was at work, and on Sunday morning we made it into French Toast! We experienced this delicacy at Sunny Point Cafe, once upon a time, and have recreated it a couple of times since. It was super tasty! And it was so nice to sit and have a lovely brunch together.

After brunch we reunited with my mom’s friend (they drove up together) and went to see my school. It’s so fun showing fellow teachers (and more importantly, mom and her friend) my classroom and telling them about it! As brief as the visit was, it was absolutely marvelous to spend some time with my mom! I went to work on Sunday afternoon and my mom and her friend headed back home. Thanks for coming to visit Mom!!! Miss you already!


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