Busy Week!

It’s Thursday evening. And Scott has this song blasting. (Weakness.)

In other news, this week has been so busy! I think I’ve had something every night after work this week. Not that they are bad things – they are all things I wanted to do! Nonetheless, I am exhausted. Tuesday evening one of my friends and I went for a walk/run at the Biltmore! It was an absolutely gorgeous evening – the fall-like weather has been delightful. And last night after work my class had a family picnic! The kids have been excited about it since last week … and so have the teachers! The kids practiced and performed songs for their families and ran and played and there was so much happiness! It is so fun to see the kids outside of school and get to play with them on the playground! Of course it was nice to talk with their parents too and get to know our glorious community a little bit better. I love my job!!!

And on top of all that Scott had a cold! He’s feeling much better now though. Thank goodness! Tonight our agenda involved cleaning up the apartment. Call it belated spring cleaning (or early, depending on your view) but it really had everything to do with the facts that a.) we traveled a ton this summer and our things exploded everywhere and never made it back, and b.) we have so many people coming to visit in the next few months! It felt so great to get things back where they belong, find homes for things that didn’t have a place, and clean off some of what settled while we were running around crazy. Yay for a clean house!!! And now, without further ado, some pictures.

Our recycling trucks! I got a kick out of what it says on the side:

My friend and I went to the Wine Bar downtown on Wednesday evening and The Swayback Sisters were playing! They were terrific!!!

And this is just to show that sometimes one must get creative when trying to eat an uncooperative sandwich.

I hope you have a fabulous Friday! I know I will! My Dad and Dean are coming to visit this weekend!!!


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