Whirlwind Summer Travels: Pacific Northwest Wedding Edition

Now that I have had a chance for some good sleep (and lazed about a fair bit) it is high time for a post about my trip! It was my SECOND trip out to the Pacific Northwest this summer! And it was just as much of a whirlwind as the first trip. This time it was for my uncle’s wedding! It was quite the weekend!!! Enough jabber.

My dad and I flew out on Thursday the 2nd and arrived about 1:30 am on Friday. It was a loooong afternoon/evening of traveling. On Friday, after some brunch and running around in Portland, we picked up my mom and drove to Seattle! There was a welcome gathering for the wedding guests that evening. The house was very nice and there was a beautiful garden!

On Saturday we had a good brunch at a fun little restaurant called 5 Spot, then we picked Parker up from the airport, and got in line for the ferry to go to Poulsbo! My mom met us there and we continued to wait. Two hours later, after push-starting a car that died in line, we were finally getting onto the ferry! The wedding was at a nice little house owned by friends of the bride and groom. We had a wonderful time meeting friends and celebrating the wedding! And then caught the second-to-last ferry back to Seattle.

Sunday morning/afternoon we had a brunch/lunch with friends and family at my uncle and his wife’s house. Then my dad, brother, grandmother, and I went to Seattle for the day! We went to the Seattle Space Needle, the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit, Pike Place Market, and Ray’s Boathouse for dinner! It was a busy day and it was a blast!

Sunday night we took Parker to the airport, Monday we had a nice brunch in Seattle and took my dad to the airport, and Grandma and I drove back to Portland! Then on Tuesday I flew out at 5:30 am Pacific Time …

… and had a six hour layover in Phoenix, AZ, arriving back in Raleigh just after midnight Eastern Time. It was a LONG day! And I drove back to Asheville on Wednesday morning. It was a great trip and I am so glad I was able to go! As always it was very nice to get home, though. Congratulations again to my uncle Todd and his new wife Ursula!!!


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