No, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve just been really busy! Well, actually I was out of town for most of that time (as you may have seen in my last post). I was in Washington State for my uncle’s wedding! It was a crazy trip, and I am currently working on culling over 700 photos that I took and getting them up here on this blog!

So I’m WORKING on it.

I also started my new job yesterday! I am an assistant teacher at a lovely little Montessori school in Asheville and I have been learning so much! It feels unbelievably marvelous to be preparing for such an adventure! Teaching 3-6 year olds is not easy, but they are some of the most wonderful little people on the planet! And I get to teach them! I can hardly wait to meet all the kids (though I already know some of them from volunteering last year) and their parents!


Today is Friday. And that has not meant much to me in the last few years, other than that I would be busy for the next several days, because I have been working in retail. But today Friday (and all its gloriousness) came rushing back to me as I have the weekend to look forward to catching up on some much-needed sleep!

I’ll continue to work on the photos and getting that post up about my trip! It was such a whirlwind. More on that later. I leave you with this.


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