Sometimes You Just Gotta

Sometimes you just gotta spend hours playing cards, just the two of you. And that’s exactly what we did! Okay, so it wasn’t many many hours, but still! Hand and Foot is a long game!

The last couple of days have been great. It’s a treat to have two days off in a row! I spent one of them doing nothing of importance or necessity. I watched TV and lounged in my PJs and wrote letters. Okay, and I cleaned the bathrooms (toots horn). And the other one was far more productive! We ran errands, I got my bangs trimmed (they were sitting on my eye lid and that just doesn’t do anyone any good), and we cleaned up the apartment a little! Baby steps, folks. This year is the year of the spider. Last year it was the year of the cricket (so many crickets in the apartment!). So I spent some time freeing some of the spiders that have settled in our apartment. My rule is, if you make your home in a spot I can reach, you must go. If you make your home in a spot I cannot reach, you can continue catching and eating the bugs in my home. Don’t worry, they’re not scary spiders. I would tell you if they were, trust me. Slight arachnophobia here! Anyway, it was a productive day! And I also had time to relax. The mark of a good day off!



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