New Artwork!

We had the great fortune of getting together with a good friend yesterday evening for dinner! It had been way too long! And she and her boyfriend just moved back to the area! We are very excited to have them back.

Among the many things we had to catch up on, we also got a tour of their new condo as well as a personal “tour” of some of her boyfriend’s artwork! He seems to dabble with his interests in water colors, woodworking, ceramics, and several other things that I don’t recall. To make a long story short, we got some new art for our apartment! Four beautiful prints of his watercolors came home with us! I just love them! And I can hardly wait to frame them and find a home for them! It’s very exciting to me to get artwork that has a bit of a personal side to it. I feel like these have a couple of personal sides – they remind me of friends, of the coast of Maine (which we love, and which I know my sweetheart thinks about often, and misses dearly), and of the mountains (which will always have a special place in our hearts). I’ll keep you posted with where they end up on our blank walls!

Update: You can check out more artwork by Nate Barton at his Etsy shop!!! Click here


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