Coffee Cup Wisdom

I’ve decided to switch things up a little bit on the ol’ blog. For the last year and a half I have been posting a photo for every day and some caption to go along with it. While it has been a really neat process, I am ready for something new. It seemed like a good time to transition after I went out to Washington and did not have my computer to stay updated on posts. And it was getting to the point where there were a few days during the week in which I would find myself scrambling around looking for something to take a picture of for the sake of having a blog photo. It was getting to be a little too much.

So here goes nothing! I fully intend to continue posting on my blog, so that won’t change.

I just hope to post a little differently than before. I want it to be a blog where I can express myself and write about whatever a feel like writing about, and post pictures of things when I have some photos.

One thing that I really have gotten out of posting a photo every day is that I have had the opportunity to explore my love of photography.

I love photography, and I am fortunate enough to have a generous boyfriend who is perm-sharing his camera with me.

Instead of making myself an outline of what this blog should look like I am just going to go with it. See where it takes me! It will be a blog about everything and nothing. A blog about me.

And as per my coffee cup wisdom: “Oh, the places you’ll go!” Thanks Dr. Seuss.


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