Adventures with Family!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012: After a lazy morning with waffles for breakfast, we set out on our adventures for the day! We spent a couple of hours at the North Carolina Museum of Art, soaking in all of the incredible artwork, and spending some good time with family. Brought a picnic/snack for after the art museum, and took a little bit of a driving tour of Duke and UNC on the way back. Then it was out to Maple View Farm for some ice cream! It made for a very packed day, but it was fun! After all that we came home and had tacos for dinner and then watched Avatar. It’s so wonderful to be with family! Maybe tomorrow we’ll manage to get a group shot!

The Mona Lisa compiled of spools of thread! And you see it upright in the glass ball. It was incredible!

Kaleah working on her story.

Aunt Shay and Mom!

I love my family!!!


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