Biltmore Coffee

Wednesday, June 6, 2012: Today was a long day. Cricket and I went this morning to pick her humans up from the airport after their hiking trip out west. It was so exciting to see them and I’m so glad that they made it home safely even though their flights were a bit off schedule! Looking forward to catching up with them later since I scurried off to work right after we got home. And work was work, and that’s about all I feel the need to say about that at this juncture. Then after work I went to yoga. Which was wonderful and much-needed. And when I got home I wasn’t sure what to take a picture of! Because it was a long day and the camera did not come with me today. At which point I realized that I had not yet told you about our coffee adventures!

For the past many months we have been pretty religiously drinking Dynamite Coffee, and we love it. So there’s no need to be worried. However, we decided that the summer would be a good time to try some other local coffee roasters (of which there are many). And this last time we tried Biltmore Coffee Traders! It’s just south of us on the way to the grocery store, so that’s convenient. And it’s roasted locally! Which is also a bonus. This go ’round we got Nicaraguan, and it was very tasty! I believe it’s a medium roast, and it was thoroughly drinkable and delicious. Which are pretty much my requirements for coffee. Nothing technical here, just a brief opinion. I’ll keep you posted as we keep drinking coffee.


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