Coon Hollow

Sunday, June 3, 2012: This is Coon Hollow*. Just take a moment to let in all the beauty.

This is where we camped for the wedding this weekend.  These photos don’t even come close to doing it justice. Words cannot describe the intense feeling of calm and wonder that this place has on a person. We were right by a little creek, just down from the tiny house where Lakota and Katie live, in the same general area as Lakota’s parents (Coon is their last name, hence Coon Hollow). To get there you drive along a road by various farms and huge pastures, then after that becomes narrow you turn on another road that goes from paved to gravel back to paved again, and then you get to Coon Hollow Road (and no, that does not show up on Google Maps, so don’t even try to find it), which is a narrow gravel road surrounded by so much luscious green that it causes your mouth to fall open and for you to stare around dumbfounded as if you’ve just stumbled upon the most amazing little place on the planet, and then you remember that your friends live here. LIVE HERE! And it’s quiet. So quiet. And so peaceful and beautiful. And I feel like I’ve had a little taste of heaven.

*And for those of you not in-the-know, the word “hollow” is pronounce “holler” here in Appalachia.


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