Wednesday, May 9, 2012: We have a hand mixer made by Cuisinart that we use all the time for smoothies. And a couple of weeks ago it stopped mixing! It was tragic – I was mid-smoothie! Not so much smoothie – more chunky. Blech. So we went across the way to ask the neighbor for her blender to finish the smoothie, and then decided we needed to contact the company. Less than a week after contacting them we have a brand spankin’ new hand mixer! And the best part is that they send the new one and you can wait until you receive it to send yours back! Yippee! Smoothies again! Thank you, Cuisinart, for having such a solid warranty and great customer service!


One thought on “Warranty!

  1. Oh so good to know! My seems to be straining more and more as time goes by. I don’t know what I would do if mine stopped. I need a backup, just in case!

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