Dining Out for Life

Thursday, April 26, 2012: Today we participated in Dining Out for Life! We went to Tupelo Honey Cafe and had a delicious dinner. 20% of the cost of our dinner will go to support the Western North Carolina AIDs Project (WNCAP). There were around 100 participating restaurants in this area to choose from! It was a really terrific excuse to go to one of our most favorite restaurants. Scott had a fried chicken BLT and I had a Tupelo house salad with grilled chicken. It was delicious!

Then on our way home we went to the Biltmore! On a whim! We were going to go look at all the pretty flowers, but after we passed the House and got down toward the garden it started HAILING! That’s right, folks, hailing. The hail was between pea-size and marble-size! Along with the hail there was some pretty serious thunder and lightning. As we drove around the Biltmore there were branches everywhere and leaves almost completely covering the road, piles of hail along the side of the road, a couple of trees down, and fog so dense it was hard to see. This is just a light dusting compared to some of the other areas with piles of hail.


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