Recycling Bins to Planters!

Friday, April 20, 2012: When we got Big Blue, we got a note from the City of Asheville that said we could either put our old recycling bins into the new one to be recycled, or we could keep them! Needless to say, we kept them. And this morning I turned them into a garden! The soil outside of our apartment would probably be fine for a garden, but I thought it would be really neat to try this! I didn’t do a good job of taking photos of the process, mostly because my hands were covered in mud/dirt, but I’ll give you the basic idea. I bought a giant bag of potting soil (I made sure I found some that was good for container gardens and veggie plants) at Home Depot (where a very nice man helped me load aforementioned giant bag into my car) and filled the recycling bins, planted the veggies, and watered the heck out of them! There is lettuce and spinach in the blue one, tomato plants in the green one, and basil in the little pot on the side!


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