Weekend Travels: Augusta Edition Volume 2!

We went to Augusta this past weekend to visit Gia and Steve before they move to New York and to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! So much fun!

Friday, March 30, 2012: After a morning of volunteering for me and classes for Scott, we came home and packed and had some lunch, then hit the road! It was a lovely and uneventful drive south. And after we got there we went out for dinner at a really tasty restaurant called the Bee’s Knees! It was just that – the bee’s knees!

Saturday, March 31, 2012: Got a chance to sleep in on Saturday morning and spent the day hanging out. It was glorious. Enjoyed the porch off the back of Steve and Gia’s apartment, worked on arts and crafts projects (who knew Shrinky Dinks were so fun!!!) for hours, went to Target (where we acquired flower petal headbands for us and foam pirate swords for the boys) and got ready for the Goodbye to the South, Hello to the North party. It was a fantastic day and a terrific evening!

Sunday, April 1, 2012: OUR FIVE YEARS!!! Happy to be in love with my best friend. We started the day with crepes and mimosas to celebrate happiness and moving and five years and friendship and new adventures. After that we went to a polo match in Aiken!!! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO A POLO MATCH!? Yeah, I hadn’t either. But now I have. It was fun!

All in all it was a terrific weekend away and we’re glad to we got to see Gia and Steve before their big move! Looking forward to visiting them some day in New York! Thanks for letting us come visit! And it was a nice way to celebrate our five years and keep it pretty low key. We plan to continue celebrating this week … we’ll keep you posted.


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