Protect MY Family

Generally I don’t do this kind of thing, but I’m feeling increasingly threatened by the implications of Amendment One. It’s not just about my dads, it’s about all families. A family is a family no matter who is involved – love makes a family. We can’t let anybody take that away from us, let alone this vote. Amendment One affects children, families, unmarried women, and seniors. Children of unmarried couples could be taken away from a parent who has loved them their whole life or lose health care benefits because of this amendment. Some families could never be recognized by the government as a family because of this amendment. Unmarried women would have little to no government protection from abusive partners because of this amendment. And seniors could be stripped of their retirement or pensions because of this amendment. Visit the website at to learn more.


2 thoughts on “Protect MY Family

  1. Adrianne, I have been wanting to add my 2 cents to this, so I hope it’s okay to do it here. Love you.

    I have been ruminating on the proposed Amendment here in NC, and felt I needed to somehow express my thoughts too. I believe a jury just convicted a young man for poking his nose (and camera) into his roommates love life, prompting the roommate to take his own life. I don’t see how there is any difference between that and the desire of so many in our country to legislate what people can do in the privacy of their own home and bedroom and with whom. I don’t understand why it is anyone’s business but the two consenting adults, whatever their gender. Close to 50% of the marriages in this country end in divorce. These are marriages between one man and one woman and the majority would probably categorize themselves as Christian. Clearly that is not then a mandate for success.

    This also brings to mind the issue of abortion, which is a similar hotbed debate. While I might not choose (or have chosen) abortion, I am not prepared to care for the child of someone who feels forced to give birth to a child they don’t want. Unless the people who are so dedicated to eradicating abortion are willing to make sure that every child that is born into this country is well cared for, I don’t think they have any business advocating for legislation that brings UNwanted children into the world. Parenting is hard enough when you desperately want and love your children. I can’t imagine how hard it would be when you don’t want the child.

    What is it about society today that makes it so easy to point the finger at everyone else and want to slap labels on everything (Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, ProChoice, etc.) I find myself really struck by how intense the hyperbole and saber rattling has become especially over the course of the past few months. I see people pointing fingers and using very strong language to inflame fears as they back away to opposite sides of the room. I think the only thing that is going to salvage this nation right now is taking steps away toward one another, stowing our sabers and inflammatory rhetoric to meet somewhere in the middle of the room and actually listen to each other. Sadly I think we have pulled so far away and staked out such definite lines not to be crossed that hearts are hardened and ears are deaf to anything but additional fuel to fire our point of view. We have forgotten Aesop’s or Patrick Henry’s admonition “united we stand, divided we fall.” We are divided and we are falling. Trying to pick one person, one party, one group to blame it on is driving us further apart. No president, including Bush and Obama, is solely to blame for where we are now. I am striving not to further the agenda of divisiveness. These labels pigeonhole people without considering the complexities of human beings and life in general. When we seriously consider ourselves, do we really fit completely within the confines of those labels? I don’t. So who am I to tell another what they should and/or should not do? Will allowing gays to marry one another really impact my life and happiness? Will allowing a woman to make a difficult decision for herself about becoming a mother change the way I live my life? Will you who so stridently advocate against abortion be there to adopt or provide care for the child you fought so diligently to “save?”

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