Sunday Snow Flurries

Sunday, March 4, 2012: This post really has nothing to do with snow, per se. It did snow today. But barely. It was flurries and it was pretty and it melted on everything it touched because it has been so warm! But it was cold enough today for snow. So yeah.

We had another lazy morning today and I had a meeting at work for an hour. Then we went to Black Mountain for a bit! We went to our favorite kitchen shop – Common Housefly Kitchen Emporium – and spent some time checking out all the neat gadgets. Then we went and had lunch at Dark City Deli, which is a neat little place in downtown Black Mountain, where we had soup and sandwiches. It was quite tasty! We’ll definitely be going back there. After a quick visit to Bramblewood, we headed back to the cars via this pretty pond.  Hugs to Mom and Jena as they hit the road back to Chapel Hill! It was so fun to have you here this weekend!!! See you next weekend!


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