Biltmore Birthday Bonanza

Saturday, March 3, 2012: My mom and Jena arrived yesterday evening for a fun weekend getaway in Asheville! This morning started slowly with coffee, Very Superior Pancakes (complete with a birthday candle for Jena), and much-needed relaxing, as any good vacation should. We spent a good chunk of our day at the Biltmore – touring through the house, wandering through the Conservatory, and then on to the Winery, finishing off our visit with the complimentary wine tasting. We may or may not be making friends with the folks working the wine tasting. It’s awesome. Oh, and the orchids are in bloom. Oh, the orchids. The orchids are STUNNING!

We continued our evening downtown at Tupelo Honey Cafe for dinner. And it was delicious! Then we rolled ourselves over to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge to get dessert to go. After which we rolled ourselves to the car and then home. The evening called for stretchy pants, wine, Chocolate Lounge desserts, and lounging. What a wonderful day with marvelous people! My favorite. Thanks for coming to visit, Mom and Jena! And Happy Birthday Jena!!!


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