Frisbee Golf and Pig Haunches

Tuesday, February 28, 2012: Yet another glorious day here in the mountains! It was upper 60s and sunny and a great day for being outside! Kathy and I went walk/running this morning at the Biltmore with Cricket, which was awesome. I’m putting my barefoot shoes to use and doing some serious muscle strengthening – it’s incredible! I’ve never really been able to run before (at least not without lots of discomfort) and today was so encouraging! Here’s to doing a 5K this summer!!! Also, barefoot running is the best – ask me and I’ll tell you ALL about it.

Then this afternoon, sore muscles and all, Scott and I went to Richmond Hill to play some frisbee golf! And boy was it windy! We played 9 holes and called it a day. But it was so fun to run around in the woods and play! And with a day like today we just couldn’t stay inside!

On our way home we stopped at the Screen Door to check it out and it’s terrific! So many neat things to look at! We’ll definitely be going back there to look around some more. But we did find this gem – a giant (perhaps you can’t perceive its vastness from the photo) pig derriere. Blue ribbon goes to the giant metal pig haunches!

P.S. Does anyone else think it looks like it has two tails?


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