Birthday Ribbons and DIY Towel Hooks!

Monday, February 27, 2012: Went over to celebrate Kathy’s birthday and give her the exciting presents tonight! A baby jade plant and Bananagrams. And she tied the ribbon from her presents around Cricket’s neck – lookin’ so pretty!

Then we borrowed Nick’s drill (whose blue box you see in the background of the photo of Cricket above) to put in a new towel hook in the bathroom in our apartment! The screw (that came with the hook) doesn’t exactly sit flush, and the hook doesn’t necessarily “go” with a “theme” in our bathroom , per se, but it’s so awesome! (Disclaimer – there’s no “theme” in our bathroom … it’s hodge podge.) See! It’s like a branch with leaves and I love it! So much better than the adhesive one that was there before – it lived a good life and eventually just fell off. Also, because we didn’t drill into a stud, we used a drywall anchor so that the screw had something to hold onto. So that it wouldn’t all just pull out of the wall. Yay! This DIY project took us all of about five minutes. Such an easy fix! Thanks for letting us borrow the drill, Nick!


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