New Discs

Tuesday, February 21, 2012: First off, I’d like to celebrate that I’m finally starting to feel better! Let’s just pray that it keeps going in this direction! I had a lot more energy today than I have the past few days and I made it happily through a full day at work. So that’s good news.

Scott took me out for dinner tonight at Asiana. We’ve been told by so many people – so many people – that Asiana is The Best. Asian food buffet. So we went. First of all, folks, $10.50 for an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet is not bad. And they certainly have quite the spread – they have all sorts of options and quite a selection of sushi as well. The service is good and the facilities are clean. It was really nice to go out for dinner, especially considering we were going to go on Valentine’s Day, and it was good to finally try Asiana. But all things considered we weren’t “wowed” with the food. It certainly wasn’t the worst we’ve had, but definitely not the best either. It was okay. Honestly, it just didn’t have very much flavor. Nonetheless, it was a nice treat to go out.

Also exciting for today was what got delivered to the apartment! New frolfing discs! We played frisbee golf when we were down in Augusta and it was so much fun that we got ourselves some discs to keep playing! Yay! Happy Valentine’s Day to us!!!


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